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Super-nutritious biscuits made from coconut, oats and seeds

The sweets are the temptation to take at any time , at breakfast, snack or as a dessert.

For this reason we propose super-nutritious cookies made with healthy ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and fiber.

Discover in this recipe how you can prepare delicious cookies based on coconut, oats and seeds to feel full of energy and vitality all day.

Super-nutritious, healthy and satisfying cookies

Super-nutritious biscuits made from coconut, oats and seeds

These delicious cookies are much healthier than those we can buy, since they contain much less flour.

Instead, by including coconut, oats and seeds, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber .

In addition, they are made with coconut oil instead of using margarines or other less healthy vegetable oils, and are low in sugar.

They are an excellent food for the whole family and will give us a lot of energy. Nor can we forget that they are much more satisfying and will leave us satisfied in a few bites.

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Energy ingredients

The ingredients we have selected for these cookies provide a lot of energy thanks to their high content of vegetable protein.


Super-nutritious biscuits made from coconut, oats and seeds

  • It provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements , and we can consume the coconut water, the pulp and even make a delicious vegetable drink.
  • It contains, in addition, a good amount of very healthy fats that not only do not make us gain weight, but activate the metabolism so that we burn more calories.

Coconut oil is increasingly popular because, unlike most oils, it does not oxidize when subjected to high temperatures.

If you can not get coconut oil, olive oil is the second most recommended option in this case.


  • It has a high fiber content that favors the sensation of satiety when eating it and improves intestinal transit.
  • In addition, it is rich in mucilages, components that balance the digestive tract.
  • A serving of oatmeal a day helps us to feel full of energy while regulating the nervous system.

Thus, it gives us vitality and relaxes us in moments of stress, anxiety or nervousness.

  • Raw oatmeal is hard to digest for many people, so these super-nutritious cookies are an ideal way to consume it without making us feel bad or cause us acidity.


The seeds are the strong point of this recipe, since they are small superfoods very rich in nutrients that can not be missed in a balanced diet.

We recommend choosing the following:

We recommend crushing them to facilitate their digestion and use them as a flour in pastry or as a condiment in all kinds of salads, soups, stews, breads, etc.

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Super-nutritious biscuits made from coconut, oats and seeds



  • First, we will preheat the oven to 250 ºC.
  • In a bowl we will mix the oats, the flour, the grated coconut and the ground seeds.
  • We will add the sugar and we will mix again.
  • We will make the shape of a mountain with a hole in the center , in which we will add the two eggs.
  • With very clean hands, mix all the ingredients well until obtaining a homogeneous mass.
  • We will add the essence of vanilla and oil and we will mix again.
  • Finally, we will include the yeast.
  • We will make balls with the dough and we will put them flat, or with the shape that we want, in a baking tray.
  • We will bake at 200 ºC for half an hour .
  • Once out of the oven we can add fine sugar or cinnamon powder to taste.
  • When they are cold they will be ready to eat.

Super-nutritious biscuits made from coconut, oats and seeds