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7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

Stress is part of our life. This natural emotion acts as a survival mechanism in the human being: it activates us to be able to adapt much better to those daily challenges that lie ahead. We must be able to see that stress, well managed and controlled, is positive : it acts as that energy capable of giving us strength and encouragement to solve problems, to better respond to the small adversities of day to day life. However, the problem comes when we stop managing, when tension builds up , when the brain

How to calm the anxiety of tobacco with 5 infusions of plants

People who are addicted to tobacco experience a strong sense of anxiety when they make the decision to stop smoking. These manifestations may, in some way, be the obstacle to abandon that bad habit that, over time, leads to many chronic diseases. However, with the simple fact of making the decision to leave it, a very important step is taken to have a better quality of life. For this reason, for the does not win the battle, smokers can rely on some infusions of plants that help control it.

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

The laurel confers flavor to our dishes , calms our mind and health to our organism. This shrub used since ancient times by all Mediterranean cultures has, today, with the same relevance. Beyond its classic expectorant properties, the laurel encloses in its strong leaves a resource of benefits for mind and body . It is a very classic condiment in the kitchen, and its symbolism continues to reflect the "triumph" in many cultures. The classic laurel wreath is nothing more than the expression of that plant rich in resources, virtues

How to distinguish a heart attack from an anxiety attack

We often confuse an anxiety attack with a heart attack because the symptoms, at first glance, are quite similar. If you have ever found yourself in this situation or your Heart attack. What is it A heart attack or heart attack occurs when a clot in the coronary artery blocks the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. This causes irregular heartbeats, which we know as arrhythmias, which in turn cause a significant decrease in the pumping function of the heart. If the obstruction that is

4 ways to combat that infinite uneasiness called anxiety

Nowadays, anxiety is one of the most common problems in the world and many people suffer from it. Some experience it in states more advanced than others due to the rhythm of life that they are subjected to. Despite being a psychological condition, not all individuals are However, it is not necessary to visit a specialist to know that you are in a state of anxiety. What is anxiety? Given this suffering of global characteristics, many people ask themselves this question, in order to clarify the doubts about

6 natural remedies against anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that affects us all in very different ways . In some it is a more serious problem and related to their In others it has more to do with a passing moment that, after a few hours or days, disappears. With so much competition and hustle and bustle that we face every day, it is not uncommon for anxiety to be a common problem for many people. Therefore, it is essential to look for natural options and remedies that combat this problem. How to

6 foods that you can consume to control food anxiety

Anxiety about food is one of the main problems faced by those who are trying to eliminate overweight. Having the continuous desire to eat and make bad food choices is a factor that, although many do not notice, prevents losing weight. Although in each person it manifests itself in a different way, it almost always interferes with and its ability to burn calories. The most worrisome is that many are gaining excessive weight and, along with this, are having health problems that affect their quality of life. Luckily, it

Suppressing emotions increases anxiety

On more than one occasion repressing emotions becomes a complete ordeal . Because emotions are to be expressed, to come to light. Not to keep them. When we have Lee: Tips and remedies to treat anxiety Do you find it ridiculous to cry even when you are alone? Do not you dare to scream muffling the sound with a pillow? If this has happened to you, you may have a problem of repression of emotions. What beliefs are acting on you? When there is

6 unknown effects that anxiety causes in your body

. Punctual anxiety, that lasts a few hours or a few days because of a concern, an objective, a stressful event or a challenge to fulfill in the short term does not cause serious consequences in our body . Now, in the moment in which the anxiety is maintained over time , it is not managed and we even allow it to go further, its psychological impact makes a dent in our health and in various aspects of which we are not always aware. Today we want to talk about these effects, that impact

The 3 big differences between anxiety and stress

We might think that anxiety and stress are the same. However, today we will discover some great differences between anxiety and stress that will never make you doubt again. Anxiety is known as a reaction resulting from worries , thoughts from the past or negative experiences that are still present in the now. Lee: The consequences of thinking too much In contrast, stress is usually the result of external pressure such as we can find at work. Contrary to anxiety, it can even be positive to be more effective