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Being an optimist reinforces your immune system

Happiness takes us away from the doctor. That could be the summary of how being an optimist reinforces the immune system . So is. Because, when we allow things to happen that do not affect us negatively, we get sick less and enjoy a healthier life. Find out more in this article. Optimism and defenses Those people who live with a smile on their Being happy does not mean leaving aside problems or not being interested in what happens to us, it is a philosophy of

How to "wake up" the vagus nerve to enjoy an integral well-being

The human being has twelve pairs of nerves that are born from the skull. Now, among all that series of nerves, the number ten is undoubtedly the most interesting and powerful: the vagus nerve. It is part of the parasympathetic nervous system and its function is very specific and interesting at the same time. , y disfrutar de sensación de bienestar con la cual tener una mejor calidad de vida. And it helps us to relax, to achieve an adequate state of calm with which to cope with stress, anxiety , and enjoy

The great benefits of being grateful

We have heard on several occasions how positive it is to be grateful , but we are not yet aware of what this really implies. The dictionary defines gratitude as recognizing and feeling esteem for a person who has done you a favor and feel a great desire to reciprocate. Lee: The value of teaching children to say "please", "thank you" or "good morning" But, gratitude is not only this. We can feel grateful to be alive , to feel gratitude for having the life we ​​have, for all the good

Being grateful gives us happiness

Daily habits can interfere with our mood and emotions. Did you know that, for example, being grateful can bring us closer to happiness ? The secret lies in saying "thank you" for what we have and not when we achieve something great. Being happy every day may seem like a utopia, but everything depends on our attitude. Be grateful at all times There are two types of gratitude: The conditional, when we feel good if things go as expected. The unconditional, a habit that allows us

The need to cry for being too strong

My need to cry is not born of weakness , of the lack of strength to resist, of the desire to throw away everything that has been achieved so far overboard. This trouble comes from how strong I have been and how much I need to free myself. We still consider the one who cries weak . We even recriminate ourselves when tears come to light because of circumstances we have had to deal with. Lee: Did you know that crying is good for your health? Support a difficult

Do not stop being you to like someone else

Do not lose your identity, do not disappoint . Do not stop being you to like someone else. If you do it, inevitably, you will be sabotaging yourself . When we meet a person and we want to know them more deeply, we want to make a good impression on them. This, sometimes, leads us to not act naturally. Lee: Avoid damaging your relationship However, with this attitude you lie to yourself and also to the person in front of you . You will fill their expectations with

The pride of being narcissistic

The narcissistic person is one who admires himself excessively , who thinks he is superior to others, so much that he feels that the world revolves around him. Many people consider this toxic feature, because the narcissist sees others as objects , not as human beings. Lee: Signs that you're dating a narcissist This causes many problems in interpersonal relationships, but how does a narcissistic person see it? Is it possible to find the balance in this attribute? A quality with its lights and its shadows The

Can you stop being a jealous person?

Being a jealous person in excess has to do with an inner This is paradoxical, since a relationship is based on trust. If this is not present, why continue in such a relationship? Lee: Who has the "control" in your relationship? The answer is that you do not know how to be otherwise, because there is something in you that you have to solve . How to stop being a jealous person Recognize that you are a jealous person The first step to solving a

Stop being a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is a quality when it leads you to do a better job or deliver good results. However, if this characteristic leads you to be upset with everything, then it is a problem. People who are highly perfectionist have to be very critical when they see results. Most of the time you will feel that everything is "improvable" and end up making others get a little tired of them . The real problem of being a perfectionist It is a fact that being a perfectionist is

Who wants to be proves it by being

Who cares about you, who really appreciates you, shows it by being there with a simple call, a mere message or another unexpected action that takes you by surprise. Lee: In the small details we know the greatness of the people However, we continue to give our time and our worries to people who are not worth it . Is not it time to free ourselves from that bandage that prevents us from seeing clearly what happens? Show what you feel, stop with words The words are carried