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Delicious recipes of pasta Bolognese

The Bolognese pasta is a classic in the kitchen to accompany pasta . Its essential ingredient is ground beef, which can be ox, pork, calf, or the combination of these. Then, it is complemented with a delicious , which is onion, celery and carrot combined in picadillo. Origin of the Bolognese pasta Bolognese pasta is a dish originating in Italy , precisely from the city of This is one of the most cooked dishes in Italy and the truth is that it is delicious. In his hometown, he

Recipe to prepare a rich vegan Bolognese sauce

A bolognese vegan sauce will always be the ideal option to accompany all types of pasta; from macaroni and spaghetti to stuffing cannelloni or rich lasagna. The vegan version of this traditional Italian sauce has nothing to envy the original; It is an exquisite preparation, as well as healthy and nutritious. How to make a vegan sauce Bolognese? One of the main ingredients of bolognese sauce is meat. For that reason it is a bit difficult to imagine this sauce in a vegan version; however, the secret lies in