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Treatments used to fight breast cysts

Cysts in the breast, also called breast cysts, are small sacs of fluid that form in breast tissue. They can be alarming for many women, especially when they are palpated, but in reality they are benign and do not usually represent a serious problem. They appear in one or both breasts and, in general, they feel like a grape or a ball full of water whose size and shape may differ. They are very frequent in women from 30 to 60 years old, although they can appear at any age because they

The 9 symptoms of breast cancer that every woman should know

Breast cancer is a chronic disease that develops when the cells of the breast tissue grow abnormally. It is one of the most common cancers in women and, in fact, although it can also affect men, it is the Although the treatments and methods of detection have advanced, it continues being one of the most aggressive due to its easy proliferation. The malignant cells manage to move through the Because of this it is essential to know how it manifests in its initial stages and when it is convenient to

According to a study, this "food" could protect us against breast cancer

Currently, breast cancer is one of the most frequent in women, to the point that, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 8 women will suffer from this type of disease at some point in time. his life. It should also be noted that breast cancer can appear in the male gender, especially among men of 60 and 70 years. However, its incidence is low: only 1% of the total number of people affected. This type of cancer is not the one with the highest mortality. Today life

Cryoablation a new option for the treatment of breast cancer

Talking about cryoablation and the idea of ​​"freezing" a tumor to stop its cancerous activity may seem, without doubt, something relative only to science fiction. However, the results that are being obtained today are as encouraging as they are positive. We are talking about a fairly simple and sophisticated approach. A specialized radiologist simply introduces a small needle with a probe through the skin of the chest. Once here, the primary tumors and the possible disseminations are identified to simply freeze them. Far from being an exclusive medical strategy

Is it possible to prevent breast cancer? Discover 6 recommendations

Breast cancer is one of the most . It is a chronic disease that occurs when the cells of the breast tissue begin to grow abnormally. Its appearance continues to be one of the major concerns in the female population, since there are many factors that are related to the risk of suffering it. Medical and technological advances have served to improve their treatment. However, doctors still make a special call so that all are attentive to any manifestation that generates suspicion . In addition, they recommend putting into

Breast cancer treatment

The treatment of breast cancer consists in the use of a series of techniques and medical tools whose purpose is, in the short term, to provide relief of the symptomatology, to ensure the well-being of the patient; and, in the long term, eliminate cancer cells. Breast cancer is a disease that occurs in both sexes and at any age. However, the Cancer Statistics Center of the American Cancer Society indicates that the chances of women suffering from cancer are higher than in the case of men. Most of the time, the accumulation

An advance that will help predict the prognosis of breast tumors

The fight against this terrible disease is seeing its greatest successes in breast cancer. The awareness campaigns have contributed to the time of increasing the investment in the treatment and healing of the same , so that every day we know more about it, which means that, over the years, better data of healing and quality of life. Thanks to direct relatives who had suffered , so it was deduced that, at least in these cases, genetics would have some relationship in this regard. The results of the investigations showed that, in

Breast cancer surgery

The operation of breast cancer is one of the standard treatments for cancer of the breast . Sometimes it constitutes the central axis in the treatment plan and on other occasions one of its additional or complementary elements. The objectives of the breast cancer operation can be several. It is almost always done to remove the tumor as much as possible. Other times it is done to decrease the symptoms of advanced cancer, or the surgical procedure is used to detect if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy in breast cancer

How long does the radiotherapy treatment last? Radiation therapy in breast cancer usually lasts around 4-7 weeks. The dose administered and the number of scheduled sessions can cause this period of time to vary. This is so because if the dose of radiation were applied in a single session could lead to very serious damage to the body. Allowing the tissues to remain undamaged and controlling the volume of radiation received by the body are the fundamental reasons for fragmenting the treatment. Visit this article: Side effects

Triple negative breast cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is the most aggressive and difficult type of breast cancer to treat. It is found in 20% of cases of patients with breast cancer. There are three fundamental types of breast cancer , classified according to the presence or absence of three receptors in cancer cells. So in the first place, we will make clear what a cellular receptor is. Importance of cellular receptors The cells of our body must communicate with their environment. They need to be able to receive signals that inform them