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4 very healthy homemade candy recipes

We all want an attractive and healthy body. Likewise, we would all like to have a delicious sweet without feeling guilty or suffering from cavities . Although it seems that all wishes can not be fulfilled, it is possible. To eat a sweet without compromising health, there are recipes for very healthy homemade candy. It is an extended opinion that sweets are harmful to health. And this is true when it comes to sweets produced industrially, with a lot of sugar and preservatives. The only way to completely control

Candy yogurt

Caramel yogurt is a light, digestive dessert that can be a healthy snack. Although the fermentation process is somewhat long, the preparation itself is not complicated and is a recipe that can be easily done with children, although you must be careful not to burn if it is made with homemade candy. Yogurt is a dessert that, thanks to the bacteria that help ferment it, is ideal for digestion, since those same bacteria are those that the human body uses to help it digest substances that it can not assimilate naturally. In addition, being