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The causes of childhood insomnia

Sleeping is a physiological need , just like eating or drinking. But, what happens when our son does not want or can not sleep? Maybe we are talking about childhood insomnia. There are many reasons why, sometimes, we can not sleep. Sometimes it's stress, other worries, but what can affect a child? Discover: How can we sleep and rest better? Today we will talk about some of the causes that can cause childhood insomnia so we can solve them as soon as possible. Childhood insomnia and its

Pulmonary emphysema: causes and symptoms

Emphysema is a chronic disease that causes mainly difficulty breathing due to deterioration of the alveoli, small pockets of air that make up the lungs. The flow of air in the exhalation is rich in oxygen since the damaged alveoli do not exchange gases during respiration. In people with emphysema, the lung tissue involved in gas exchange progressively deteriorates . está incluida en un grupo de patologías denominadas enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica o EPOC. This disease is included in a group of pathologies called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. How does

Skin eczema: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most frequent skin lesions: eczema, also called eczemic dermatitis. This skin pathology has increased considerably in industrialized areas due to environmental factors. Between 10% and 20% of the population of countries with high levels of pollution suffer from eczema. Discover what are the causes and symptoms of this disorder, as well as the most appropriate treatment. We can not forget that the skin is the largest organ of our body. Being the most exposed layer of the body, it

Slim hair: Causes and foods that prevent its fall

Do you have problems with thin cabello y ya no sabes cómo evitarlo ? Have you noticed that you are constantly losing hair and you do not know how to avoid it ? If this is your case, you should know that these issues are very common and that you are not the only one. Factors you should know about hair Human hair is a long filament that consists of a stem, which is the visible part, and the root, which is the hair follicle and the bulb in which

8 medical causes for which you can suffer back pain

Low back pain is one of the health problems that generates more medical consultations. Although it may be the result of poor posture, it is sometimes caused by irritation or deterioration of some of the structures in the lower spine . It is described as a feeling of stiffness and tension in the lower region of the back, which may be accompanied by small stitches or . Those who suffer from it often have difficulty performing tasks that involve physical effort. In fact, many times the condition worsens and produces limitations

6 hidden causes of stress that you may be ignoring

Despite the warnings they have given us about stress, it seems impossible that in some moments of life we ​​avoid falling into this emotional state. Labor problems, relationships and are only a small part of the factors that can cause it. The most worrisome is that it is so common and habitual in daily life that many prefer to ignore their symptoms until, apparently, they disappear on their own. The truth is that its treatment is very important and must be carried out starting from its origin and everything that influences

Acute renal failure: causes and symptoms

Renal failure is a condition of the kidneys that is characterized by its inefficiency to perform a proper glomerular filtration, a process that gives rise to urine. The kidneys are two organs located in the lower lumbar area that are part of the urinary system. They are located on both sides of the spine and are irrigated by the renal arteries. On the other hand, it is interesting to know that anatomically the left kidney is intimately related to the pancreas. The kidneys are connected by means of the ureters with the bladder

Why do I feel a ringing in my ear? Discover its causes and solutions

Experiencing a ringing or buzzing in the ear is an uncomfortable situation. Although it does not usually represent a serious problem, it generates some concern when it occurs recurrently. This condition is known as tinnitus and occurs as a loud or noisy sound, which can be accompanied by headaches and difficulties in concentration. It is usually perceived in one ear, although it sometimes affects both. Its origin is usually infections in the or some type of injury. Although it almost always disappears on its own in a short time,

Cleft lip: causes and treatment

The cleft lip is a congenital defect that refers to the cleft lip. It is one of the most frequent malformations in newborns (it affects 1 in 500), being more prevalent in males than in females. We can distinguish two types of this disease according to whether or not the cleft palate is present . In any case, this alteration is always related to poor development of the palate and upper lip during the first months of fetus formation. During fetal development there are parts that close in their training period until

5 causes of punctures in the head

Currently, the punctures in the head are one of the symptomatologies of greater medical consultation. Many times they manifest with such frequency and intensity that they cause alarm and restlessness in those who suffer them. In most cases these punctures in the head can be linked with: Stress. Colds They are also associated with collateral symptoms of ailments, such as cervical contractures. Depending on the specific area of ​​the head where they occur they can be very light, sharp and intense. Some patients describe