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Do this routine for 25 days and change your life completely

There are times when we feel tired, That's when you have to stop and do something totally different . Do you know that in that way you can change your life completely? Many times we are afraid of the new, of the change, but sometimes it is necessary to do it, even if it costs. It is fundamental to be well, at peace, happy with ourselves. There are too many pressures and some people are very demanding and In that case it is good to realize in time

Changing your exterior can change your interior

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion that moving your interior will be reflected on your exterior, so, if you feel good and you are healthy, that will be visible to others. However, what if changing your exterior influenced your deeper "I"? Both our most physical and the most psychic are connected . If moving from the inside out is possible, why not the other way around? Discover: 5 ways to connect with our "I" to fight the emotional vacuum You may find yourself identified with those

Personality can change over the years

There is a song that says "I am like that, so I will continue, I will never change" ... Are we really all the same in terms of our personality? In the following article we will tell you how human beings have the ability to modify certain habits, behaviors and behaviors over time. Personality is forged over the years While it is common to think that since we are born until we cease to exist "we are molded in stone" and it is impossible to change our personality, the truth is that

No matter how much you criticize someone, it will not change

No matter how much you criticize, this does not mean that someone is going to change . Moreover, it is most likely that he never does. Criticism can be launched with a good intention. Many open our eyes to acts we were not aware of. Lee: How to survive the negative criticism of everyday life However, others are the result of resentment, jealousy and envy whose goal is to harm or manipulate other people. However much you criticize, they will not pay any attention to you

Promises of change to recover a relationship

Have you ever made promises of change to recover a relationship? Have they been made to you? This situation happens when the fear of a rupture becomes reality and we refuse to assume it . The most curious thing is that in this particular case where the promises of change are present, the best thing that could have happened is that we did not continue together with the couple we were with. Why? Because this request is, sometimes, an attempt at manipulation . Promises of change not to

You do not need to change the world, enough with you

, tus o tus circunstancias fuesen distintas? How many times have you thought that your life would be better if the world, your , your or your circumstances were different? We have all been at this point and, although it is true that some people have too complex circumstances, you do not need to change the world. Many people spend their lives complaining because they do not like what they see around them. There are those who concentrate so much on seeing the negative that they begin to look for alternatives to

How to get someone to change their mind

When a person has a well-formed idea about a certain subject it is difficult for them to change their mind. Human beings tend to cling to our convictions , and we are reluctant to modify them. In this article you will learn how we can make someone think differently thanks to our intervention. Get someone to change their mind? It 's not a matter of walking by "washes But if, for example, we have a business and we want to convince the other to buy us or we are tired

If I change, everything changes: 5 steps to program your subconscious

When we name the word "subconscious", many of the classical theories of psychoanalysis soon reach us. There is also that eternal interest that characterizes the majority for everything that is below the threshold of consciousness. Now, something that we should have very aware in day to day is that it is precisely this part of our mind that acts as the engine of many of our acts , reactions and the way of interacting with everything around us. When we are introduced to a person, for example , we do not take

There are small coincidences that change your life

There are many who defend that, in reality, coincidences do not exist. The voice of science and sociology warns us that life is not an accident governed by luck. In reality, everyone would pick up what they sow, because we are all involved in constant learning. We do not know if coincidences are the product of chance, fate or each of our previous acts. However, what we do know is that sometimes luck is in our favor and brings us things and even worthwhile people. That bring us happiness .

Silence can change your life

In our daily life we are surrounded by noise and the lack of this is strange to us . We are not aware that this constant noise leads to anxiety and stress, two of the sensations that we do not want in our lives. We recommend: How noise affects our health Although this sensation may increase when you are in absolute silence, the truth is that once you adapt and accept it normally, the tensions go away . It is time, then, to embrace him. Silence and positive changes