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Vanilla soufflé with chocolate cream

When we think of the word "soufflé", a salty dish or an entree may automatically come to mind. However, there are sweet options to enjoy this recipe with French name. Do you want to learn how to prepare vanilla soufflé with chocolate cream ? Then keep reading this article! Vanilla soufflé recipe with chocolate cream A sweet soufflé is lighter than a salty one, but the general idea is the same. They are prepared with a cream base of a specific flavor and the egg whites are added to snow.

Classic chocolate sponge cake

The recipe for chocolate cake is a classic among the classics for any pastry lover. It is a very sweet treat to always have at home and take in breakfast, snack or dinner with a glass of milk, because it is 100% natural and does not provide saturated fat or chemicals. We teach you 2 different recipes of the classic chocolate sponge cake . Chocolate sponge cake recipe for beginners This is a very simple cake to make because all the measurements are made with a glass. It is the typical

Hazelnut cake and chocolate drops

It can be a perfect option for a snack with friends or for when your children come back hungry from school and want to wipe out everything in their path. The cake of hazelnuts and chocolate drops is very rich ... You just have to cheer up preparing it! In this article we will show you how. Recipe of hazelnut cake and chocolate drops Do you have guests at home for tea time? Would you like your family to stop eating industrial cookies full of dyes? Then do not hesitate

Gypsy chocolate arm filled with red berries

The gypsy arm is really very rich and easy to prepare. It is delicious and allows us to let our imagination fly, both for the elements we use to fill it, and for the coverage we choose. In this opportunity we will tell you how to prepare the gypsy arm filled with red fruits chocolate. You can not lose this! Gypsy arm chocolate recipe filled with red berries The base for any type of gypsy arm is the same. You can add flavor to it so it's not vanilla (like

Chocolate mousse

Who does not like chocolate mousse ? Raise your hand! Surely there is no one in this world who does not succumb to the temptation to eat this delight ... If you want to learn how to prepare it at home and be the best chef in the universe, do not hesitate to read this article. We will give you the recipe to make black and white chocolate mousse . To which more delicious How to prepare the traditional chocolate mousse When you continue reading you will realize that the

Petit fours de chocolate

Are you looking for a French idea for your desserts or to entertain your loved ones? Then you can not stop preparing these little chocolates au chocolait. Get to know the recipe for chocolate petit fours in the following article! Chocolate petit fours recipe Delicate, sweet, sophisticated ... they can be eaten in a single bite and leave a wonderful sensation in your mouth. They are really very rich and perfect to offer in a snack or for a special occasion. Do you dare to prepare petit fours de chocolate

Chocolate and banana char

La charlota is a dessert that, besides being delicious, is very romantic. Born in France where it is known as Charlotte, it is made with sponge cake and stuffed with The charlotte of chocolate and Its preparation is not difficult, however, we must put a lot of heart in the creation of the cream with which it will be refilled, so that it has a good consistency and flavor. Thats the secret. The charlotte presumes to have been born to please royalty. Its creation is attributed to the French chef

White chocolate cookies and macadamia nuts

White chocolate cookies and macadamia nuts are an unusual choice, but they have the ability to delight all your senses. We invite you to surprise your family with this tasty hors d'oeuvre that will make you look like a professional. Ingredients 2 eggs 400 g of flour 300 g of chilled white chocolate 150 g of roasted Macadamia nuts 25 g of baking soda 230 g of butter 220 g of sugar 50 ml of whole milk

Chocolate Custard without egg

Do not you think it's a great idea to give your children a homemade custard instead of the industrial ones full of additives, preservatives and colors? Well, these egg-free chocolate custards are a great alternative, healthy and suitable for egg intolerant. In addition you will not have any difficulty to make them since not having egg does not run the risk of being cut, as it can happen in the custard of a lifetime. And it is that when using the maizena as thickener, they are much simpler to elaborate. Ideal for inexperienced

Chocolate Pudding and Oreo

No one can deny that Oreo cookies are delicious ... and also very versatile! They can be combined in any sweet recipe, as is the case with chocolate pudding and Oreo. Would you like to learn how to prepare it? Then keep reading this article. Recipe of chocolate pudding and Oreo 100% chocolate That is the perfect definition of this delicious dessert. If that is what you were looking for, do not hesitate to prepare this recipe. But be careful because your addiction is going to become!