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Chocolate Custard without egg

Do not you think it's a great idea to give your children a homemade custard instead of the industrial ones full of additives, preservatives and colors? Well, these egg-free chocolate custards are a great alternative, healthy and suitable for egg intolerant. In addition you will not have any difficulty to make them since not having egg does not run the risk of being cut, as it can happen in the custard of a lifetime. And it is that when using the maizena as thickener, they are much simpler to elaborate. Ideal for inexperienced

Torrijas stuffed with custard

This recipe is very typical of Lent and Holy Week. It consists of a bread from the previous day soaked in a mixture of milk with cinnamon, very similar to meringue milk, breaded in egg and fried. But why had it never occurred to you to fill them out? And much less of custard. Well I assure you that they are very rich, despite being an authentic "time bomb". Here we show you how to make the torrijas stuffed with custard so that you and your family can enjoy it (especially the

9 benefits of eating custard apple

The cherimoya is a heart-shaped fruit, native to the Peruvian Andes. . Its pulp is sweet, it contains seeds, it is covered with a green skin and it is cultivated in autumn and winter season, like oranges and . And most importantly, eating custard apple is very healthy. It is a fruit rich in vitamins (A, of complex B and C) , in addition to minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc). Then, we leave you some benefits of eating custard apple , surely you are convinced to include it in your

Recipe to show off: Ice cold cup of chocolate custard and bananas.

If you have guests at home and want to surprise them with an incredible dessert, but you do not have much time to prepare something very complex, and perhaps you do not consider yourself an expert chef, this glass is ideal for you. This dessert of bananas and chocolate custard is economical and easy to make. What do you expect to put into practice and surprise everyone? You need: 1 chocolate custard powder dessert box 4 bananas Milk 1 chocolate tablet for desserts