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11 foods to "deflate" the love handles

Even if the summer is over and the vacations on the beach seem so far away, we can always do something to reduce the abdomen and end up with those love handles without waiting for the hot days. It is true that during the autumn and winter we are more dressed and eat more, but it is also necessary to take care of ourselves so that we do not have to go hungry when the weather is more pleasant. In this article we tell you what are the foods that defuse the famous love

How to deflate the belly naturally by preparing 5 shakes

To have a flat and thin belly, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle in which good eating habits and a regular exercise routine are combined. Although there are many ways to prevent the accumulation of fat, you have to take into account that you can also look bloated by other factors. The consumption of inflammatory foods, hormonal changes and fluid retention are only a small part of the causes of . For this reason, although the consumption of calories is controlled, many times we do not achieve the desired

8 foods to deflate the abdomen

If you are one of those people who feel swollen often and notice this especially in the foods that help you fight the swelling in this part of the body. And is that this feeling is often related to eating too much, but the truth is that it can be due to the accumulation of liquids or gases. It can also respond to certain digestive problems such as gastritis or constipation, so if you want to feel more relieved, take note. Do not forget that something as simple as avoiding abundant meals

Try this delicious salad to deflate the belly and lose weight

The belly is one of the areas of the body that tend to look inflamed , not only because of the difficulties that the digestive system can present, but because of the accumulation of fluids and fat. Although many try to keep it flat through the daily practice of physical exercise, it is important to supplement this habit with a balanced diet. While we can not deny that this is one of the best ways to preserve the figure, we must recognize that nutrients obtained from food also play a major role.

8 foods that help you to deflate

Chronic inflammation can alter the mechanism of hunger and the hormones that are responsible for the regulation of metabolism, among other things. Acute inflammation protects your body from damage. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, has been linked to different ailments, from acne and allergies, to intestinal problems, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc. But you can create balance through the consumption of a diet rich in foods that fight free radicals and the toxins that trigger inflammation. These are 8 foods that help you to deflate yourself. 1. Blueberries Cranberries

11 Steps to deflate the belly

Regardless of the measurements of our body, many times we will put our favorite pants or skirt and we see that our belly is a little inflamed making us look heavier and tight clothing. This problem can be the product of an accumulation of gases, . Whatever the case, most of us want to prevent this from happening to us and when it happens to us we want to eliminate it quickly to return to feel lighter. Do you want to reduce your belly naturally? Reduce the consumption of salt