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4 delicious ways to prepare gelatin

control our weight, thanks to its satiating power. Why do not you start taking gelatin with 4 delicious and different recipes? 1. Gelatin with agar agar Ingredients: 400 ml of water 20 g agar agar 200 g of strawberries 60 ml of strawberry 4 tablespoons of sugar Utensils: 1 saucepan 1 wooden spoon or plastic 1 large mold or individual molds preparation: Put to heat the water in a saucepan.

2 delicious recipes of cinnamon fritters

Who does not like fritters ? Buñuelos can be a very good option for when you want to have a sweet and you do not have anything at home or for when guests come in a while and you have been caught without a cookie in the pantry. We give you 2 different recipes, one more elaborate and the other easier to make. Recipe of cinnamon fritters This first option is very rich. It's a bit elaborate but it's worth it. With this recipe you get some very fluffy fritters.

Delicious homemade vanilla

Vanillas also called "biscuits to cuillere" have such because is elaborated with a spoon "cuillere"; the spoon was filled with the mixture and spread with the characteristic shape that this sweet preserves today. When they come to mind, memories of childhood appear ... the grandmother's snacks with the vanilla dipped in hot chocolate. Do you want to remember old times? Well, nothing better than making your own homemade vanilla. They have nothing to do with those sold in supermarkets !. Recipe of homemade vanilla Ingredients: 3

5 delicious breakfasts to relieve the hangover

When we consume too much alcohol we expose ourselves to having to deal, the next day, with the uncomfortable symptoms of the hangover. The organism is not prepared to metabolize large quantities of these beverages and, as a result of the exertion suffered, manifests a strong discomfort that can last for several hours. Although this process occurs in different ways in each organism, a strong thirst sensation derives from the state of dehydration. Although it can cause inappetence, and remits with water and rest, the ideal is to try to counteract it

Discover the delicious cassava and coconut crêpes, gluten-free and lactose-free

Who does not like crêpes ? However, many people can not eat them because they do not digest any of the ingredients well or they prefer not to abuse because they are afraid of getting fat. However, we do not have to give up this delicious and capricious sweet. We present the cassava and coconut crêpes . In this article we propose an alternative and healthy recipe made with cassava starch and milk and coconut oil . Try it! Gluten-free and lactose-free More and more people have digestive

How to fight migraine naturally with 5 delicious smoothies

Migraine is a disorder whose main symptom is a severe headache, pulsating and unilateral, almost always accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds. This can occur mildly and last only a few minutes, but it can also become a chronic problem that lasts for several days. Unlike common headaches, pain is usually located on only one side of the head ; In addition, it can cause visual and neurological difficulties. Its main causes have to do with environmental factors such as exposure to Luckily, in addition to

How to prepare delicious vegetable broths to lose weight

If we want to lose weight without sacrifices, without going hungry and in a balanced and healthy way we must incorporate good habits to our diet in a progressive way. So we can get our diet to be slimming in a natural way, thanks to the properties of some foods. In this article we share some tips to convert healthy vegetable broths into medicinal and slimming foods that help us burn calories, eliminate fat and reduce body volume. Broths to lose weight Homemade vegetable broths are excellent recipes to keep

Delicious waffles without gluten, without dairy and without sugar

The waffles are a very appetizing sweet at any time of the day . However, on many occasions we do not eat them because they do not feel good or because they make us gain weight. In this article we give you a recipe to make waffles that do not have gluten, dairy or sugar, so they are a very healthy, nutritious, light and suitable food for everyone. Try them! Healthy waffles for everyone There is nothing more satisfying than being able to make homemade desserts that not only

Delicious orange mousse

When we mention the word mousse it seems that it will be a difficult dessert to make, that the texture will not be as we want ... But with our recipe and our simple tips, you will learn to make a delicious orange mousse very easy and fast To prepare. We also give you some data and ideas that are sure to help you. Orange mousse recipe Ingredients: 5 The grated orange 1 Grated 6 medium eggs 100-150 g of sugar (5-6 tablespoons)

5 delicious dishes with sweet corn

Sweet corn is a food of high energetic value that, for its flavor and versatility, has been part of gastronomy for hundreds of years. It is the only cereal that provides contains important amounts of B vitamins, essential minerals and fiber. It is one of the ingredients that is part of the regular diet of millions of people, not only because their crops have spread, but because the culinary possibilities offered are very varied and interesting. Best of all, it is available in any market and can be combined with many other