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Laws of life: live without pretending, love without depending and speak without offending

The authentic laws of life are not marked by a legal code , nor by family mandates nor by the new gurus of today who try to convince us about how to be happy. The law of life is marked by oneself when, little by little, it realizes where the limits are, where the sense of respect, coexistence and magic that allows us to enjoy each other in harmony. Because there are things that are not learned in books; We discover them by making mistakes, by observing and deducting, through these interactions, where

Discover how to take care of your eyebrows depending on the shape of your face. Spectacular!

The eyebrows are an element of great power in our faces . They confers expressiveness, they frame the look and they give to the face of that point of fantastic balance with which to catch the attention, with which to mark our beauty. It is not enough, therefore, to brush them, or to depilate them so that they are well outlined. Image experts know that each face requires a very specific form of eyebrows, and this is something that we all want to know. Since facial care is no longer just

Know what accessories to use depending on what you wear

The outfit of a girl is composed of various elements. While apparel is the main thing, accessories have the potential to amplify their virtues or, on the contrary, spoil them. Here are some tricks to know what accessories to use depending on what you wear. Some women do not like to use accessories too much. They feel that they are bothered, they weigh them. Others, on the other hand, can practically not live without them. They wear them day and night and they are considered empty if they do not use