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Donuts dipped in white chocolate

I do not know if the same thing will happen to you, but every time we hear or read the word "donut" we imagine Homer Simpson ... If you are a fan of the "donuts" or this famous animated series, do not hesitate to read the following article . Learn to prepare some delicious donuts dipped in white chocolate to accompany a coffee or tea at breakfast, snack ... or whenever you want. Recipe of donuts dipped in white chocolate They are very rich but somewhat addictive ... so be careful

Donuts stuffed with jam

The donuts are those famous round sweets with a hole in the center, which we have always loved. For years they have been the favorite snack of our childhood and that we longed to leave school. Made of sugar or covered with chocolate, this delicious dessert charms generations. Over the years, more shapes , of various colors and flavors (strawberry, banana, vanilla ...), and different forms of presentation (stuffed, grated ...). There are even without their characteristic hole. Recipe of jam filled donuts Ingredients: 1 package of

Traditional sweet donuts

The traditional sweet donuts are a dessert originating in many autonomous communities of Spain and other countries. In this recipe we are going to show you the traditional sweet donuts, the buñuelos de viento with anise aroma. Let yourself be delighted by the dessert "of all life" and remember your childhood any day. We will also teach you how to make choux pasta , a French dough used to make profiteroles and fritters. Recipe of traditional sweet donuts Ingredients 125 ml of milk 50 g