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7 tips for healthy eating when you're traveling

When you want to lead a healthy life, going on a trip can be a worry instead of a reason to be distracted and have a good time. es sinónimo de comida chatarra , tanto en carretera como en un viaje en avión. This is because we are used to synonym for junk food , both on the road and on a plane trip. Maybe you think that by wanting to have a healthy diet you probably will not enjoy the trip, you will be limited at the time of eating or that

These 7 eating habits are damaging your face

Having beautiful skin does not only depend on the external care we provide, no matter how much care we put into them. The most important factor to show off a luscious complexion depends, mainly, on the fact that we follow a healthy and balanced That's why today we tell you what these eating habits may be damaging your face . A balanced diet, the best ally for your complexion Of course it is very good that you take care of your skin from solar radiation and that you keep it

10 ways to end the habit of eating after dinner

After dinner after a while you go back to eating and you do not know how to end this nefarious habit? Pay attention because we approach a series of tricks with which you will end up with this bad habit that only makes you gain weight or, at least, you can not lower it. 1. Introduce your egg in your breakfast One of the ways to stop eating after dinner is having a good breakfast. For this reason it is essential that you take an egg during breakfast. Eggs

8 benefits of eating pineapple habitually

Pineapple is one of the most delicious tropical fruits we can eat . y aquí te las decimos. In addition to its flavor, there are several good reasons to eat and here we tell you. One of the best things about pineapple is that you can include it in your diet in different ways: Fresh In juice Cooked Canned When you eat pineapple you get minerals, vitamins, as well as soluble and insoluble fibers and bromelain. All these are essential for your body

Tips for not eating between meals

The famous "pica pica" is as noxious as going through a fast food place at lunchtime. We believe that a handful of chips or a chocolate bar will not do anything to us; however, this habit is bad for your health. In this article we tell you some tricks to avoid snacks between meals. Why peak at any time? Not only sedentary lifestyle is a problem worldwide, but the fact of "snack" between meals has become a habit extremely harmful to health. The problem does not lie

When healthy eating becomes obsession: orthorexia

Eating healthy is something necessary to be in shape or not to get sick . While this is true the problem begins when healthy food becomes an obsession. Orthorexia is a "modern" eating disorder and affects mostly young women. We tell you more in this article. What is orthorexia? It is an obsession with healthy eating that can lead to malnutrition , health problems and even death. The person suffering from orthorexia avoids under any circumstances consuming foods containing fats, dyes, preservatives and all those unhealthy components.

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week

Legumes are an essential food in our nutritional pyramid, thanks to its content in protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. Although many people do not like to eat vegetables or they find it hard to digest them, they should not be missing from our weekly menus if we want to follow a balanced diet . Discover in this article why it is so beneficial to eat vegetables, as well as 7 different ways to cook them. Why should we eat legumes? Legumes are an excellent food for our health for different

8 eating habits to be more successful and slim

Keeping fit and healthy today is a task that can be complicated , especially when you are busy most of the day. Professionals, and especially those who are parents and work, rarely have time to experiment and find a diet that suits them. . If you are one of these people, you probably want to take a look at these 8 tricks that will keep you in shape by increasing your . At the same time you can be more successful and improve your cognitive skills in the process.

9 things that will happen when you start eating honey every day

If you do not believe it, you just have to include honey in your daily diet and take a look at a number of aspects that will improve your life. That easy. 1. Your skin will be cleaner Honey can act as an antioxidant . If you consume it regularly, the organism will be cleansed of the toxins. Honey has antibacterial properties that will help improve your skin. Read also: 2. Slimming Honey will help you lose weight .

7 signs that you are not eating enough protein

The lack of proteins causes our body to send us a series of signals that can be much more evident than you think. If you think you are not eating enough protein, pay attention to the following signs that your body may be sending you. Take note and see if it may be your case. Do not forget that proteins are essential to preserve good maintenance , as well as the development and repair of our body's cells. 1. Cravings What protein does is level blood sugar.