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Foods that enhance memory and tips to stimulate cognitive activity

Memory loss is a condition that can happen to anyone at any age . This makes it necessary for young people to take actions that help keep our brain healthy. Consuming foods that enhance memory and cognitive function is part of those actions. But what causes memory loss? It can be caused by several causes, among them the absence of vitamins, especially those of the B complex, as well as amino acids. Food is a fundamental factor in the loss of memory and impairment of cognitive function . It is necessary

5 recommendations to enhance the assimilation of nutrients

Knowing the foods that we put in our mouths is the most effective way to be able to assimilate the nutrients they contain . Eating is not feeding. So says a popular saying and, in terms of nutrients and assimilation, is correct. Although we usually get the nutrients we need through the types of food we eat, we must know how to classify them. We must consume all groups in a balanced way, be able to cook food so as not to waste the vitamins and calories they have.

How to enhance the erection of your partner?

The problems of are more common than it seems. While they have been linked to the physiological changes experienced by older adults, it can actually affect men of all ages. It is very common for young men to feel embarrassed by this situation and that, in turn, their partners do not know how to help them cope. For this reason it is essential to learn about it , not only to know what can cause it, but to find a solution as a couple. What is erectile dysfunction?

Good habits that enhance the intestinal flora

Caring for the intestinal flora is essential for the proper functioning of the organism. Good habits that enhance the intestinal flora help keep the digestive system healthy and prevent diseases. What is the intestinal flora? Bacteria lodged in the intestine are known as or microbiota . The majority is beneficial, only a small percentage can be harmful to health. Together they form a balanced and complex ecosystem that self-regulates; In addition, they are the body's natural defense against infections and other diseases. The intestinal flora helps

7 ideal foods to enhance reducing diets

When we think of slimming diets, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "resignation". The usual thing is to believe that it is necessary to stop eating many foods and this causes us stress and anxiety. However, this is not entirely true. Rather it is about privileging one over others, but without completely abandoning the least useful ones . To everyone's surprise, the intake of . For a long time it has been considered that these should disappear from our plates, due to their energy

3 best exercises to enhance creativity

There are many exercises to enhance creativity. However, the question that always arises is , but which are the most effective? For this reason, today we have collected 3 exercises that we consider worthy to be included in this article. Let's discover them! Exercises to enhance creativity We will describe each of the 3 exercises to enhance creativity and we will provide clear examples so we can check how they work, how we should proceed with each of them and what benefits they can bring. Do not

How to enhance responsibility and autonomy in children

Educating responsible children is one of our priorities. It is a way of educating happy children that tomorrow will be able to be autonomous and face the day to day with security. Without fears. But how to get it? We give you some simple strategies that will be of great help. Keys to educate responsible children What do we really understand by responsibility? What do we want to instill in our children when we talk about this term? Well, the ideas and values ​​that we would

5 tips to enhance your routine to burn abdominal fat

grasa abdominal y darle una ayuda a los esfuerzos que ya llevas a cabo? Are you looking for tips to strengthen your routine to burn abdominal fat and give help to the efforts you already carry out? In that case, take a while to continue reading. Next we will give you some strategies to improve the results. son trucos tan sencillos que en poco tiempo los habrás adoptado y los resultados se mantendrán sin complicación. The best part is that they are so simple tricks that in a short time you will have adopted

Food to enhance the functioning of the organism

Food is the main source of nutrients and energy that the body needs for the proper performance of each and every one of its functions, each of the foods we consume daily have the ability to provide their different properties and benefits that can be of great help to keep these functions in perfect condition. In this opportunity we will know some of the most important foods that are recommended to successfully complete many of the multiple functions that all systems that make up the body must play. A healthy heart To