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How to "wake up" the vagus nerve to enjoy an integral well-being

The human being has twelve pairs of nerves that are born from the skull. Now, among all that series of nerves, the number ten is undoubtedly the most interesting and powerful: the vagus nerve. It is part of the parasympathetic nervous system and its function is very specific and interesting at the same time. , y disfrutar de sensación de bienestar con la cual tener una mejor calidad de vida. And it helps us to relax, to achieve an adequate state of calm with which to cope with stress, anxiety , and enjoy

4 delicious recipes with pumpkin that you can enjoy in your breakfast

The squash is a vegetable belonging to the family of cucurbits and is the fruit of the pumpkin. It is a food that comes from South Asia, although it is now grown in many other places in the world. For decades it has stood out for its versatility in gastronomy , but above all for being an important source of essential nutrients. In fact, many take advantage of it for their diets for weight loss purposes, since it is very low in calories and provides vitamins and minerals that support the functioning

The 6 best tricks to enjoy light and healthy dinners

Dinner is one of the main meals of the day and, although it should be lighter than the others, its intake plays a very important role for health and weight. Although for a long time it was thought that it was correct to ignore it in , today it is known that it is fundamental for the proper functioning of the body during the rest period. In addition, it should not be replaced with fast foods or processed foods of easy preparation, since these can affect the metabolic functions and the quality of

How to prepare old honey mustard and a recipe to enjoy it

We all love to eat a delicious salad, a good sandwich, that is light and delicious, and of course accompanied by a very good Beyond mayonnaise, which contains high amounts of trans fat and a not very pleasant taste, in this article we will consider mustard. Not only for its exquisite taste, but because it contains properties that are excellent for the health of the body. The old mustard (also called the mustard in grain) has a very strong flavor and at the same time delicious,   that has been mixed over

3 types of whole-grain breads and 1 recipe to enjoy them

Bread is one of the most consumed and most liked foods worldwide . It is taken at It is true that, however delicious it may be, bread contains certain ingredients that do not make it very healthy. It is one of the foods with more carbohydrates and sugars , so it should be little consumed by diabetics. It also contains For a long time the way to make a more nutritious and healthy bread was devised and from this the idea of ​​the integral bread was born.

How to enjoy free time without thinking about work

Although it may seem strange, some people suffer when they are on vacation or during weekends to keep their minds at work. Even if you really like what you do, you should take a break. Below we will tell you how to enjoy free time and clear your mind of work obligations. Do you enjoy your free time? While it is true that we must do what we are passionate about and be pleased with our work, we should not abuse it. Simply because it saturates us and prevents, in

Keys to enjoy at work

Work occupies a good part of our lives . Not everyone has the good fortune to like their profession, but even those who have it sometimes find it difficult to be well in their position. Often, the concern for a family problem, the disagreement with the culture of the company, the desire to ascend or a disagreement with your colleagues can cause a series of negative emotions that prevent you from enjoying yourself at work. Whatever the origin, the issue is that you spend at least eight hours of your life upset and

Enjoy these 8 fruit masks to relax your face

Having a healthy face today does not imply incurring large expenses of money. It is possible to take care of it with the use of masks made with fruits. These masks, in addition to being totally natural, are ideal for those occasions of importance and last minute. They act immediately on the skin, achieving a rejuvenated, shiny and smooth face. The face usually manifests our moods and health . Sachets under the eyes or dark circles can indicate Given this, a tip to relax at the end of the

Wool rugs, learn to make them at home and enjoy their warmth

The mats offer warmth and comfort to the environments. They give a cozy touch to the most rustic place.   They are used in all environments of the house: Living or living room. They look beautiful at the entrance, or in front of an armchair. Kitchens. Absorb spilled liquids and then clean easily. Bathrooms. They are also used to prevent slips when leaving the shower. Bedrooms. Nothing nicer than to get up and step on a soft and soft surface. Advantages of

3 fruit sorbets to enjoy the hot days

Either because summer is approaching or because you live in a country where the sun reigns for many months of the year, having alternatives to face it is always positive and useful. For this reason, today you will have at your disposal 3 fruit sorbets so you can face those days where the water seems like it is not enough. Although many ice creams, desserts, candies are terribly delicious, they also contain very high levels of refined fats and sugars. So, far from helping you with the sensation of suffocation during hot periods, what