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9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia or some difficulty in falling asleep? Do not know to what habits this problem can be attributed? The good news is that in the following article we will tell you what are the main mistakes that do not allow you to sleep. Surely you are falling into more than one! Errors that make you sleepy Sleeping is very important for all mammals, because it serves to recover the body from the efforts made during the day and to cure certain Therefore, if lately

3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

We make many mistakes that need to be learned , but there are some very negative ones that we are not aware of at the end of a relationship. Some of them are inevitable. Emotions play tricks on us and, also, we depend a lot on the circumstances in which we have been involved to put an end to the relationship. Because it is not the same to end a relationship because love is over or passion has definitely extinguished its flame that if this decision has taken the fruit of an infidelity

5 errors in which demanding parents fall

There are parents with high expectations regarding their children . They want them to give the best of themselves, to be able to develop their full potential. However, demanding parents may not see the desired results. Lee: Keys to educate responsible and happy children When this happens they should do self-criticism and discover what they are failing. Because, although nobody likes to consider that you can be wrong, we stumble many more times than we are aware of. 5 errors in which demanding parents fall 1.

6 errors for which you can not increase your muscle mass

The increase in muscle mass is a long and tedious process in which multiple efforts are required both dietary and physical activity. Although, for genetic reasons, some people achieve it more easily, strict plans are almost always required that completely change the . However, more and more people are making the decision to fight for it, not only because it improves the figure 100%, but because it increases strength and physical resistance. The problem is that, after a while, many begin to feel frustrated because they fail to see the fruits

6 morning errors that affect your metabolism

Metabolism encompasses a group of chemical processes whose function is to transform nutrients from food into energy sources for each of the body's systems. It participates in the regulation of blood glucose levels and, in turn, is crucial for controlling body weight and cardiovascular health. In each person it occurs in different ways, since it acts on the basis of sex, age, habits and various aspects of health. However, many try to keep it active, since when they slow down their functions there is a high probability of being The

9 errors that prevent you from having the body of your dreams

We all want to have the on many occasions we do not take enough care of ourselves or simply follow a bad diet. Pay attention to these errors that are preventing you from having the body of your dreams. 1. Doing too much cardiovascular exercise It is better to do 30 minutes of cardio than one hour. Many people believe that cardiovascular workouts are good for the heart, but this must be done with measure. If they are performed too long these exercises can have a negative effect on

6 morning errors for which you can not lose weight

Morning habits play a very important role for those who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Although many tend to overlook it, those first practices of the day are crucial to have an optimal energy level and good metabolic rate. In fact, one of the reasons why there are difficulties to is because, during this time, mistakes are made that interfere with the results of diet and exercise. For this reason it is essential to identify it and, of course, take the necessary measures to correct it before

8 errors that we make in the shower every day

Did you know that when we shower we make a series of mistakes that, for the sake of our general health, it is better to correct as soon as possible? The perfect shower should never exceed 5 or 10 minutes , nor the 95 liters of water used in the bathroom. Check if you also incur in these failures and try to amend them to enjoy greater welfare. Do not miss 1. Use very hot water In may seem like the best option, but you do

5 errors in eye care that you may be committing

The eyes are a very important part of each person's body and, in fact, they are fundamental for their integral development. Although they are not essential for life, because many lack this sense for multiple reasons, it is an essential part for those who are used to using them since birth. It is important to make it clear, since those who suffer from total blindness have adapted to their condition and have even had a better development of other skills. However, at a general level, most seek to maintain their in

3 food combination errors that reduce their properties by half

Sometimes mixing certain foods is not a good idea and these combinations prove it. And is that not all healthy microelements and vitamins work well together. In fact, sometimes, they can even block the one another. To minimize the possibility of these unwanted combinations occurring, the best solution will be to prepare healthy dishes that do not combine more than five elements. Today in our article we tell you which ones do not work well together. 1. Iron Iron is a microelement that is able to