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How to maintain your diet and exercise on vacation

For many holidays are synonymous with excesses in food and drink . If we add a total rest plan where we are just lying in the sun on the beach, it is easy to understand why when we return home we have several kilos of more. In this article we give you some tips so that you can maintain your diet and exercise on your summer rest days . Holidays, diet and exercise: do they go hand in hand? If you've spent all year practicing sports and eating healthy: why

The 9 benefits of regular exercise

Physical exercise is any movement that involves the use of the Its main consequence is the burning of calories. Also, the regular practice of exercise has be effective in preventing chronic diseases . Rehabilitating the body after trauma, improving cardiovascular function and clearing the mind are just some of the benefits of regular exercise. Physical exercise can be done anywhere and in any way. The benefits of regular exercise usually relate more to the physical part . In fact, many of us only see it as an alternative

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Swimming, running or going to an aerobics class can be very fun and interesting activities. However, the short-sighted think twice, as they do not know how to take care of their glasses or contact lenses, or how to make so that the lack of vision does not interfere with physical activity . In this article we will give you some tips to exercise if you have myopia. Myopia and sports: with glasses or contact lenses? This is a very common question in myopic patients who come to the consultation both

8 ways to get rid of abdominal swelling without any exercise

Do you have bloating and do not know how to get rid of this problem without having to resort to any type of We leave you with a series of recommendations that will allow you to alleviate this condition quickly and easily. 1. Massage to reduce gases Sometimes, the swelling that we suffer is due to an accumulation of gases. Fortunately, in these cases it is possible to avoid it with a simple What should you do? We will give the massage on the We

Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

You have signed up for a gym to exercise and do not miss any session ... Each time you train more and you get better day by day. However, when comparing the data that throws the balance, you realize that you do not lose a gram (even you may have gained weight). Why does this happen? Many people can not lose weight even if they exercise and that has an explanation. In this article we tell you. Exercise and losing weight do not always go hand in hand

Choosing the right time of day to exercise

Training is one of the healthiest activities , but depending on individual goals, you should choose the best time of day to exercise. Those who want to lose weight, for example, can not exercise at the same time as those who want to gain muscle mass or increase anaerobic resistance. The results will never be the same. Although, many people organize their training agenda according to their time availability, it is not always the right thing to do. There are several parameters that allow you to identify when you should or should

Food for after physical exercise

Foods after physical exercise are decisive. Its basic function is to facilitate the recovery of the organism. They are a guarantee of both good health and use of the activity. After physical exercise there is a depletion of glycogen stores . This substance is the fuel of the muscles. It is essential to recover this energy through food, as this is what allows to rebalance the body. Also, after doing physical exercise, it is necessary to repair the damage to the muscle fibers . These occur because

The best stretches for after exercise

Just as it is very important to warm up before physical activity, we must also stretch after exercise. Take those 5 minutes, even if you are very tired, to avoid injuries, contractures and muscle aches . Why do stretching after exercise? Surely you have heard many times the maximum that indicates "stretching after training". It is not a whim of the teacher or people who want to stay longer in the gym. No matter what exercise you do (a football game, a the muscles will have made some effort

8 interesting benefits that physical exercise gives your beauty

Physical exercise is one of the most recommended habits to be in shape and prevent the development of diseases. Its regular practice optimizes the energy expenditure of the body, improves metabolic functions and, by the way, eliminates the toxins that affect the cells. Even during the routine increases the release of hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, both known to promote the feeling of well-being. What many overlook is that, in addition to all the above, also offers interesting benefits in beauty, improving the appearance of the skin and hair.

The best stretches prior to exercise

Not taking the time necessary to stretch before exercising is as wrong as not doing it at the end of the routine. Previous muscle warming prevents certain injuries or cramps . Therefore in this article we offer the best stretches to perform before exercising. The role of stretching prior to sport Visit this article: With a series of movements prior to the beginning of the routine we can prepare the muscles and keep them flexible as well as avoid injuries or subsequent pain.