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How to use onions to fight cough naturally

Onion is one of the natural ingredients that, due to its nutritional properties, can help us accelerate the recovery of coughs and other respiratory problems. Rich in antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories and antibiotic compounds, it is a vegetable that helps to fight effectively the viruses and bacteria that attack the respiratory tract. The most interesting thing is that, unlike some conventional products, it does not cause unwanted reactions and can be combined with several ingredients that improve immune health. This, in conjunction with its controls sore throat and reduces excessive production of phlegm.

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

Stress is part of our life. This natural emotion acts as a survival mechanism in the human being: it activates us to be able to adapt much better to those daily challenges that lie ahead. We must be able to see that stress, well managed and controlled, is positive : it acts as that energy capable of giving us strength and encouragement to solve problems, to better respond to the small adversities of day to day life. However, the problem comes when we stop managing, when tension builds up , when the brain

5 home remedies to fight lice

How to fight lice is a concern for many people. Lice are an unpleasant pest that feeds on human blood and almost always prefer to attack our children. They are common in overcrowded environments or with few hygienic measures, having the ability to spread from one person to another only by direct contact. Although lice often prefer to live in those individuals who live in unhealthy conditions, the truth is that we are all at risk of becoming their home, as they do not discriminate and can choose anyone to form a good habitat.

Natural remedies to fight dandruff

Have you ever looked in the mirror and the first thing that dazzles in your eyes are small white flakes that bathe your hair? They are not gray, it is dandruff. You can calm down, there really is no reason to despair. Today we are going to teach you how to fight dandruff with natural remedies . For many, hair is a fundamental part of their personal image. Taking this into account, it is normal for dandruff to harm your In case you suffer, we assure you that it

Treatments used to fight breast cysts

Cysts in the breast, also called breast cysts, are small sacs of fluid that form in breast tissue. They can be alarming for many women, especially when they are palpated, but in reality they are benign and do not usually represent a serious problem. They appear in one or both breasts and, in general, they feel like a grape or a ball full of water whose size and shape may differ. They are very frequent in women from 30 to 60 years old, although they can appear at any age because they

5 home remedies to fight dry dandruff

Dandruff is one of the problems that can affect the It is characterized by the formation of small white scales , which can be noticed in the roots and along the hair. It can be caused by excess fat production, called seborrheic dandruff. However, it also occurs under conditions of capillary dehydration , which is known as dry dandruff. The latter not only makes the hair look bad, but it causes irritation and itching in the area, so it is exasperating for those who suffer from it. Luckily, in addition to

Can nail fungus cause pain? Discover how to fight them

The appearance of fungus on the nails is a problem that generates some concern . Although it is not always serious or notorious, the gradual development of its symptoms makes many prefer to treat them as soon as possible. In the beginning it manifests itself with a change in the color and texture of the nail. Later, when the infection becomes complicated, a weakening occurs that often ends in the total loss of the nail. Can fungi cause pain? Patients with this condition usually ask themselves this question because, in general,

Fight the inflammation of the gums with these 8 home remedies

Inflammation of the gums is a common ailment that can be caused by the development of a buccal infection, poor hygiene habits or some dental treatments. It is often accompanied by a strong sensitivity to touch , as well as halitosis, bleeding and obvious changes in texture. Those who suffer from it usually feel discomfort, especially when and brushing the mouth. Although it tends to disappear spontaneously, it is always convenient to provide some type of treatment to prevent complications. Luckily, there are several home remedies whose properties decrease

How to fight migraine naturally with 5 delicious smoothies

Migraine is a disorder whose main symptom is a severe headache, pulsating and unilateral, almost always accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds. This can occur mildly and last only a few minutes, but it can also become a chronic problem that lasts for several days. Unlike common headaches, pain is usually located on only one side of the head ; In addition, it can cause visual and neurological difficulties. Its main causes have to do with environmental factors such as exposure to Luckily, in addition to

4 body scrubs with sugar to fight dry skin

Do you usually buy expensive exfoliants to combat dry skin? debes saber que esos productos tan exclusivos utilizados en los spas y que te cuestan mucho dinero, realmente suelen ser muy económicos. If so, you should know that these exclusive products used in spas and that cost you a lot of money, really are usually very cheap. Most are based on sugar. An ingredient so economical, but that cleanses, softens and restores the skin. , estos exfoliantes corporales son ideales para empezar. If you are new to creating your own products , these