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These 7 foods will help you improve your mood

It is no secret to anyone that one of the keys to a good quality of life is maintaining a balanced diet rich in foods of high nutritional value. While we have tried to sell ideas of easy and instant food, it is And is that, in addition to providing energy and nutrients to our body, your daily intake directly influences the mood and In fact, mental health professionals are including certain foods as part of the treatment of people suffering from depression, since their components stimulate the chemical activity that

6 healthy foods to improve our mood

The consumption of foods of high nutritional quality is one of the habits that helps us maintain a good mood. Although we overlook it, substances that contain some foods participate in the segregation of the The problem is that we have become accustomed to consuming foods loaded with fat, sugars and added compounds , which produce the opposite effect. Although at the moment we produce satisfaction, its nutritional composition is not as good as that provided by organic foods. For this reason today we wanted to collect 6 healthy alternatives

7 foods that you should not consume if they have already expired

In the search to reduce the waste of food, many that, in spite of reaching their limit date of consumption, remain in conditions apt to be ingested. However, this virtue is not applicable to all food groups and, in fact, some can be harmful when consumed after expiration. The problem is that its decomposition process is carried out more easily and, due to its nature, tend to be contaminated with various types of Because of this it is very important to start reviewing the labels before using the products and, at

Prohibited foods with stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a lesion that affects the lining of the stomach and is characterized by pain in the upper abdomen. Many indicate that they feel a kind of burning or "fire" in the pit of the stomach about 2 hours after eating or during the night. If you have this problem you should take a balanced diet and avoid certain foods. Find out more in this article. How to reduce the symptoms of stomach ulcer When we have a sore or irritation in the lining of the

17 foods that block pain and inflammation

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease whose main symptom is of the joints. It usually affects several at once. If it is not treated in a timely manner or in an appropriate manner, it can also generate very strong pains, numbness and immobility of that area of ​​the body. In this type of disorder, the reaction of the cells that have the task of defending generates inopportune and frequent inflammatory processes. In addition, they create antibodies that react against the body's own tissues . By fighting it, you need to

7 foods that prevent you from losing weight

Losing weight is a task that requires commitment and effort . However, there are several factors that could make your goal continue to look very far like: The genetic alimenticios Bad habits Your lifestyle In fact, it is not uncommon to see that, those who want to eat healthier to lose weight, end up getting into strict and complicated diets. Many times, they complement this with weight loss pills that, at the end of the road, end up being more harmful than beneficial. If you

6 plant-based foods to cleanse your liver naturally

hígado ? How often do you make sure you clean your liver ? Do you even know that it is possible to do this? We live in a world where This has been attributed to several factors such as continuous exposure to toxic substances through water, air and food. Another route through which these toxins can enter the body are the pesticides that are sprayed on the crops we consume. Most of these substances affect the liver, which is the largest gland in the body. It is fundamental

What foods to avoid if I have fluid retention

Fluid retention or edema is a very common problem caused by an unbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle and not drinking enough water every day. In many cases people believe that they accumulate fat but, in reality, the body does not clean liquids accordingly . In this article we tell you what foods you should avoid if you suffer from this disorder. When is fluid retention? As a first step, you should know that it is an accumulation of water in the tissues of the body when there is an imbalance

7 energy foods to achieve a more productive day

There are a number of energetic foods that can not be missing in our diet to feel full of energy and vitality. In these moments in which we live with so much stress, we need to supplement our diet with nutrients that are considered combustible, both body and mind. We could say that the main source is carbohydrates and secondary are fats or lipids. What are carbohydrates? They are the main nutrients in our diet , they help to provide energy to the body. We find them in sugars,

7 foods that you can consume to improve your circulation

The blood circulation is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in the body. It is activated by the operation of the cardiac muscle, which constantly pumps it so that it reaches all organs without problems. However, as with other systems, it can develop some conditions that interfere with its passage through the veins. As a consequence, the health of other organs is compromised and, almost always, vascular diseases that affect the quality of life occur. Because of this, it is essential to , designing a