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Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

Are you constantly looking for love? Many people do it, because having a partner is something very important. So much that not having it means becoming a failure . With the new technologies, in addition, we have at our disposal a host of websites in which to look for a partner? Lee: The most important thing when looking for a partner Something that has made us believe that there is no chance to meet by chance with that special person with whom we would like to share our life, if

What are the empty calories and what foods are found

You seek to lose weight so you measure what you eat, you try to avoid excesses and count your calories, right? But you do not know what the empty calories are. The reality is that if you are not careful, you could be consuming them and limiting the results of your efforts . To help you avoid it, we will talk about them and the foods they are in. What are empty calories Empty calories are those that do not provide nutrients and, therefore, are not considered food either.