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8 bad habits that affect the health of your hair

To keep hair strong and shiny it is important to take into account several care that goes beyond the use of external products . Although the treatments allow to revitalize it, it is necessary to consider that the lifestyle can influence in its aspect. In this sense, there are certain habits that can cause a significant deterioration , given that they produce dehydration, loss of nutrients and a series of aggressions that can not always be solved. The most worrisome is that many people overlook them and can not imagine that they

5 habits that can cause inflammation in the belly and how to leave them

Having an inflamed belly is not always synonymous with fat accumulation in this area of ​​the body. While localized fat may be one of the causes, most women who suffer from have other reasons for having this problem. Surely you have noticed that in the mornings your belly looks flat and your figure is as much as you want it; However, with the passing of the hours, you are noticing how your belly becomes inflamed to such an extent that the clothes may fit more tightly than usual. Do you know what

5 habits that honest people practice

Honest people enjoy a better quality of life , are happier and face problems in a more integral and courageous way. . This is so for a very simple reason: honest people are not the smartest, nor those who always know the truth about things: they are profiles with a firm coherence between what they think and what they do . Curious as it may seem, this kind of psychological principle is not easy to put into practice. The honesty of mind and acts requires an adequate personal development where being genuine,

7 habits that help you prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease of the bone system that increases the risk of fractures, severe pain and other symptoms that reduce the quality of life. Its main cause is calcium and vitamin D deficiency, although it is also related to hormonal changes, traumatisms and genetic factors. This is generated when the bone pieces undergo disintegration of their internal microarchitecture, which reduces their density, support capacity and strength. It often affects the bones of the hip, spine and hands , but can originate in any other area of ​​the bone structure.

These 7 eating habits are damaging your face

Having beautiful skin does not only depend on the external care we provide, no matter how much care we put into them. The most important factor to show off a luscious complexion depends, mainly, on the fact that we follow a healthy and balanced That's why today we tell you what these eating habits may be damaging your face . A balanced diet, the best ally for your complexion Of course it is very good that you take care of your skin from solar radiation and that you keep it

6 good habits that help you reduce the risk of dementia

Dementia is a disease of a progressive nature that, unfortunately, causes a significant deterioration of brain functions. Its appearance interferes with the ability of memory , thinking and endless capacities that are regulated by the chemistry of the Many of the cases have to do with genetic issues and age-specific changes, although it also occurs as a consequence of other diseases. Although medicine has developed many techniques to cope with it, at present it continues to be one of the syndromes that produces more dependency in the elderly. Because of

6 habits that may be affecting your kidney health

The kidneys are the organs that are responsible for working all day to filter the waste that travels through the bloodstream. It is estimated that about 190 liters of blood are processed during the day and, of these, two liters of water and toxins are eliminated. They also play a very important role in the segregation of some hormones and, in turn, are key to regulating . However, like other organs of the body, their functions can be compromised due to the development of some diseases and the excessive accumulation of

6 habits to make your work routine healthier

A routine is a series of actions or events that we carry out continuously on a day-to-day basis. The work routine is undoubtedly one of the most important since, in some cases, it takes up to 60 hours a week. But, have you stopped to think if your work routine is healthy? What do you do so that what helps you pay the bills does not cause future medical problems? After all it's about having a good lifestyle, is not it? . The sad reality is that many people

8 eating habits to be more successful and slim

Keeping fit and healthy today is a task that can be complicated , especially when you are busy most of the day. Professionals, and especially those who are parents and work, rarely have time to experiment and find a diet that suits them. . If you are one of these people, you probably want to take a look at these 8 tricks that will keep you in shape by increasing your . At the same time you can be more successful and improve your cognitive skills in the process.

5 habits you should adopt if you want to gain muscle mass naturally

The formation of muscle mass is one of the main objectives of those who want to look strong and toned. It is the volume of the body tissue that corresponds to the muscle , that is, the lean mass that helps to achieve more strength and physical resistance. Obtaining it is not an easy task, since multiple and continuous efforts are required both food and . In addition, it is important to understand that it is a long-term project whose results may vary depending on the lifestyle of each one.