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6 exercises that you can do with a chair to reduce the love handles

The so-called love handles, which are that accumulation of fat in the waist, are often difficult to eliminate when you assume the challenge of losing weight . Although they diminish when a healthy and balanced diet is adopted, it is necessary to carry out a series of exercises to achieve better results. The problem is that not everyone has enough time to go to the gym and they have difficulty designing their own routines at home. What many do not imagine is that with an element as simple as a chair you

11 foods to "deflate" the love handles

Even if the summer is over and the vacations on the beach seem so far away, we can always do something to reduce the abdomen and end up with those love handles without waiting for the hot days. It is true that during the autumn and winter we are more dressed and eat more, but it is also necessary to take care of ourselves so that we do not have to go hungry when the weather is more pleasant. In this article we tell you what are the foods that defuse the famous love

2 different ways to make handles with colored threads

Learn to make these beautiful handles with colored threads and not only spend a pleasant time doing crafts and taking out the creative part you have inside, but also you can show off your own creations or make original and personalized gifts. With few materials and at the same time very cheap you can spend fun moments making crafts that you never imagined were so simple to make. Connect with that artistic streak you did not even know you had! To do this, you can be inspired by various themes such as love