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The power of aspirin in our health

Aspirin is a medicine in great demand and consumption in the world . Its active component, acetylsalicylic acid, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic action. It is a low cost and free sale drug, which does not need an optional prescription. The power of aspirin can be far superior to that of other remedies of its kind. People of all ages use aspirin to combat headache and muscle pain resulting from anxiety and stress. In addition, it acts as a painkiller in different pathologies, relieves fever and other symptoms of influenza.

Improve your visual health with this natural aloe vera remedy

The excessive use of technological devices and the continuous exposure to free radicals in the environment are the main reasons for the increase in patients with eye diseases. Although these problems have always existed, in recent years they have increased alarmingly , even from young ages. The problem is that many still think that their appearance only occurs as a natural effect of age and, most of the time, ignore that there are habits that can help protect it. For example, through food, the organism can be provided with a wide variety

8 herbs that you can use to improve your lung health

The lungs are very important organs for our life, since they are responsible for providing us with the oxygen our cells require and, in passing, they are responsible for expelling carbon dioxide through expiration. Their functions go far beyond the respiratory ends because, among other things, they are necessary to filter the harmful particles and agents that are in the environment. The problem is that they are so complex and delicate that sometimes their health is compromised by the accumulation of toxins and various types of infections. As a consequence, a series

8 bad habits that affect the health of your hair

To keep hair strong and shiny it is important to take into account several care that goes beyond the use of external products . Although the treatments allow to revitalize it, it is necessary to consider that the lifestyle can influence in its aspect. In this sense, there are certain habits that can cause a significant deterioration , given that they produce dehydration, loss of nutrients and a series of aggressions that can not always be solved. The most worrisome is that many people overlook them and can not imagine that they

How to prepare 5 remedies with honey to improve your health

Bee honey is one of the natural ingredients that have been valued since antiquity for its multiple culinary and medicinal applications. It is a food produced by bees from the transformation of the nectar of the flowers and, although it is intended to feed the hive, it has been used for centuries for human benefit. Antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed to it that, after being assimilated in the organism, could prevent and treat several types of In addition, thanks to its richness of enzymes and antioxidant compounds, it is ideal

4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health

Many people tend not to take mental health as something important , without knowing that it has equal or even greater relevance than physical health. We are very used to conceiving health from the point of view of "feeling good" if your head does not hurt or you do not have intestinal problems, without knowing that this is only 50% of what our health really is. The physical system is directly linked to the psychological or emotional system , and there is a perfect balance between the two. If one becomes unbalanced,

Not having friends is bad for your health

In this era where social networks show us profiles with hundreds of friends we realize that, in reality, we are not surrounded by so many people with whom we can trust . Did you know that not having friends is bad for your health? In this article we explain why and how you can reverse the situation. Not having friends: a 21st century problem? People are not "programmed" to live in solitude. However, more and more people recognize that they do not have "real" friends beyond contacts from social networks.

Heart health in menopause

Menopause itself does not cause cardiovascular disease, however, certain risk factors increase around the time of cessation of menstruation . A diet high in fat, smoking and other unhealthy habits started earlier, can also have consequences for heart health. The risk of heart disease increases for everyone as we get older, but for women the symptoms may be more evident after the onset of menopause. On average, the onset of menopause occurs around 45 years, this stage is known as pre-menopause. In general, there has been an increase in heart attacks among

Collagen, the protein of health for your joints

Walk, climb a ladder, laugh out loud, take our children in arms ... Each of these activities requires the presence of a key and essential protein : collagen. When we talk about this, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to provide our skin with a good cream rich in collagen to deal with the first signs of aging. However, its impact on our day to day is such that we forget something basic and that should be taken into account: collagen is the most important protein in our body.

8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports

If we plan to do more exercise to tone or gain muscle, to lose weight or to keep in shape, there are some tips that we should follow to do it in a correct and effective way. Discover in this article 8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports and get the most out of it. Start practicing sport Have you proposed to start practicing sport or do you want to do it in a more effective way? It is a great goal to keep you healthy