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6 healthy foods to improve our mood

The consumption of foods of high nutritional quality is one of the habits that helps us maintain a good mood. Although we overlook it, substances that contain some foods participate in the segregation of the The problem is that we have become accustomed to consuming foods loaded with fat, sugars and added compounds , which produce the opposite effect. Although at the moment we produce satisfaction, its nutritional composition is not as good as that provided by organic foods. For this reason today we wanted to collect 6 healthy alternatives

How to avoid fatty liver by consuming 5 healthy drinks

Fatty liver, known in medical terms as hepatic steatosis, is a disease that is characterized by the accumulation of fat in liver cells. It is related to the effects of the metabolic syndrome , given that overweight and high triglyceride levels are factors that influence its appearance. People who consume have a higher risk of suffering from it, although, sometimes, it originates because the metabolism and the excretion of fats are slow due to other difficulties in the liver. Although it may pass silently, some patients experience abdominal pain, fatigue and

Is it healthy to cook in the microwave?

Currently there are a lot of people who doubt whether cooking in the microwave is completely healthy. Although they are usually used for heating and cooking certain foods, microwaves are appliances that do not treat food in a traditional way, such as a stove. How do microwaves work exactly? Microwaves work by generating electromagnetic waves that are responsible for heating various elements that contain food, such as: Water The fats Liquids In this way, the food absorbs the energy produced by the microwave .

Discover the amazing and healthy properties of absinthe

Wormwood is a medicinal plant with a bitter taste that stands out for its digestive, anti-inflammatory and toning properties, among many others. It is important to know it because, despite its flavor, it can be very beneficial for our health. Discover in this article all the healing properties of absinthe. What is absinthe? Wormwood, whose name in Latin is Artemisia absinthium, is a medicinal plant also known as asensio, bitter artemisia or holy grass . It is native to temperate zones in Europe, Asia and northern Africa.

Read and keep a diary: "magic" strategies for a healthy cognitive aging

Reading and keeping a diary is not just a way to spend time , to learn, to enjoy. It also means finding your own moments in which to delight, where to express and liberate ourselves and, in turn, to alleviate daily stress. We know that this is not new. We all know the benefits of reading and finding these moments of intimacy with a good novel. It is a custom that, in turn, we try to transmit to the little ones. However, we may not have stopped to think about something

7 tips for healthy eating when you're traveling

When you want to lead a healthy life, going on a trip can be a worry instead of a reason to be distracted and have a good time. es sinónimo de comida chatarra , tanto en carretera como en un viaje en avión. This is because we are used to synonym for junk food , both on the road and on a plane trip. Maybe you think that by wanting to have a healthy diet you probably will not enjoy the trip, you will be limited at the time of eating or that

5 tips for healthy kidneys

We have all heard how important it is to keep our kidneys healthy, but do you know why they are important? The kidneys are the organs responsible for the filtration, absorption and reabsorption of water, salts and ions in your body. , resultan ser los órganos más importantes del sistema urinario. Because they are the ones that clean the toxic residues of the , they turn out to be the most important organs of the urinary system. Now that you know its importance and understand how indispensable it is to have

5 healthy drinks for the treatment of anemia

Anemia is a disease that occurs when levels of hemoglobin in the blood decrease , almost always as a result of iron deficiency in the body. This leads to a lower oxygen supply to tissues and cells, resulting in weakness in the muscles, loss of concentration and problems in the skin and hair. It can occur due to the low consumption of iron, or due to difficulties in its absorption. However, certain cases are the result of hemorrhage, and complications due to surgical interventions. In any case, it is essential

Getting away from people who do not deserve us is also healthy

There are people who do not deserve us . Realizing this, however curious it may seem, is also an exercise in health and well-being. Something in which we always invest time and effort is in being accepted by the people around us; that is, we seek to be worthy of the admiration of others, of friendship , affection and affection. Now, to focus our existence under this psychological parameter is a mistake. The relations must be perfect dynamics in terms of investments and profits between both parties . The

Drinking tea every day is healthy

Tea is a beverage that has many properties and benefits for our body. It helps you burn fat and control depression. There is almost a type of tea for every need. After water, tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. It is consumed since ancient times. Its therapeutic benefits have been taken advantage of by different civilizations and its properties are promoted more and more. With it you can burn fat, stop or prevent premature aging, prevent the possibility of cancer and even increase our