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Make your own homemade and natural anti-mosquito lotion

If you look at the ingredients of your anti-mosquito lotion you will see that they contain some components that could be harmful to health. The best option is to find a natural product without toxic components that repels these insects effectively . In this article we teach you how to prepare an anti-mosquito lotion in a homemade way and with natural ingredients such as Java citronella, blue eucalyptus or Egyptian geranium. Test it! Conventional anti-mosquitoes Your conventional anti-mosquito lotion contains some components that can be These substances

Delicious homemade vanilla

Vanillas also called "biscuits to cuillere" have such because is elaborated with a spoon "cuillere"; the spoon was filled with the mixture and spread with the characteristic shape that this sweet preserves today. When they come to mind, memories of childhood appear ... the grandmother's snacks with the vanilla dipped in hot chocolate. Do you want to remember old times? Well, nothing better than making your own homemade vanilla. They have nothing to do with those sold in supermarkets !. Recipe of homemade vanilla Ingredients: 3

Strawberry-based homemade creams

is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it a perfect alternative for cosmetics . Whether for your consumption or preparation of masks, tonics and exfoliates, exploiting the benefits of strawberries will help to considerably improve the appearance of your skin, making you look younger and healthier. If you want to learn how to use strawberries as your beauty allies, in Best with Health we bring you different recipes of creams, masks and even toners that you can apply on your face to maintain its shine and elasticity . Properties

5 homemade masks to reduce the size of dilated pores

In our skin we have distributed millions of pores that, in addition to protecting us against the aggressive agents of the environment, help us regulate body temperature. Although in some areas they are more noticeable than in others, their size varies depending on genetics, the activity of the sebaceous glands and hormonal changes. This is why, often, tend to dilate, especially in the "T zone" of the face , back and arms, increasing the appearance of Fortunately, to avoid these imperfections, we can prepare some homemade masks that, from natural ingredients, help

Why should we eat homemade tomato sauce every day

The tomato is a very common vegetable that hides some surprising properties for health. Some Discover in this article why we should consume homemade tomato sauce every day to prevent and improve many health problems. What are lycopenes? Lycopenes are the pigments present in vegetables and fruits of reddish colors (also violets and oranges). Among the foods from which we can obtain it are: Red pepper Watermelon Papaya Guava Strawberry Pink grapefruit This nutrient

Use these homemade formulas to have beautiful feet

Most people care about many aesthetic aspects, but, almost always, we forget that the feet also need special care. These are the support of our body and day to day are exposed to dirt, climate changes, dust and other environmental factors that directly affect the skin that protects them. The most worrisome is that maintaining its natural humidity is difficult and this leads to the development of annoying alterations such as calluses, fungi and cracking. In addition, the continuous friction with the different and their continuous contact with bacteria can generate

Choose your homemade shampoo according to your hair type

Shampoo has become an essential product for hair care. It is used to clean the dirt and eliminate the grease produced by the sebaceous glands. However, some of the substances found in them, such as damage hair long-term. That is why it is important to use shampoos with ingredients of natural and ecological origin. Types of scalp To choose the best type of shampoo, it is essential to know essential factors such as your hair type, the ingredients and composition of the shampoo. Greasy hair

Prepare your own homemade fondant

The fondant is a colored elastic sugar paste that has become very fashionable to cover cakes, cookies and muffins. Without a doubt a novel and original way to decorate your desserts. Ideal for creative people. We teach you how to make 2 different homemade fondant recipes, one with clouds and one based on jelly. Learn in addition a great variety of tricks and tips so that you have a perfect fondant. Homemade fondant recipe with clouds Ingredients: 200 g of Butter for spreading

4 very healthy homemade candy recipes

We all want an attractive and healthy body. Likewise, we would all like to have a delicious sweet without feeling guilty or suffering from cavities . Although it seems that all wishes can not be fulfilled, it is possible. To eat a sweet without compromising health, there are recipes for very healthy homemade candy. It is an extended opinion that sweets are harmful to health. And this is true when it comes to sweets produced industrially, with a lot of sugar and preservatives. The only way to completely control

Discover how to exfoliate your skin with homemade products

Every so often, the news surprise us by pointing out that this or that brand of cosmetics includes in its products. In the majority of the occasions, the companies are not conscious of the harmful effects of the same ones . However, regardless of the company's intentions, the damage is already done. Therefore, it is worth asking what guarantee we have that the articles we are using now do not also have any harmful component. However, there is a way to avoid this concern: bet on making them yourself.