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17 foods that block pain and inflammation

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease whose main symptom is of the joints. It usually affects several at once. If it is not treated in a timely manner or in an appropriate manner, it can also generate very strong pains, numbness and immobility of that area of ​​the body. In this type of disorder, the reaction of the cells that have the task of defending generates inopportune and frequent inflammatory processes. In addition, they create antibodies that react against the body's own tissues . By fighting it, you need to

Fight the inflammation of the gums with these 8 home remedies

Inflammation of the gums is a common ailment that can be caused by the development of a buccal infection, poor hygiene habits or some dental treatments. It is often accompanied by a strong sensitivity to touch , as well as halitosis, bleeding and obvious changes in texture. Those who suffer from it usually feel discomfort, especially when and brushing the mouth. Although it tends to disappear spontaneously, it is always convenient to provide some type of treatment to prevent complications. Luckily, there are several home remedies whose properties decrease

5 habits that can cause inflammation in the belly and how to leave them

Having an inflamed belly is not always synonymous with fat accumulation in this area of ​​the body. While localized fat may be one of the causes, most women who suffer from have other reasons for having this problem. Surely you have noticed that in the mornings your belly looks flat and your figure is as much as you want it; However, with the passing of the hours, you are noticing how your belly becomes inflamed to such an extent that the clothes may fit more tightly than usual. Do you know what

Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums

Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is a very common and annoying pathology. In fact, more than half of the adult population has suffered this condition at least once. Although most of the gingivitis are not serious, they can be complicated and give more serious pictures such as periodontitis, which can cause mobilization or even tooth loss. For this reason, it is interesting to know the early symptoms of this pathology in order to avoid complications. What are the gums? The gums are a fibromusic tissue that covers the surface

Reduce pain and inflammation by including these 7 foods in your diet

Pain and inflammation are common health problems that can occur due to illness, injury or excess physical activity. Its development is recurrent among sedentary people, although it is also common in the elderly or people whose habits are unhealthy. Although many of the cases occur sporadically and mildly, some experience it chronically, and may have difficulties in their . The problem is that many ignore their initial symptoms and, although they take measures to mitigate it, they continue to carry out activities that worsen the situation. And although analgesic


Inflammation is the body's way of manifesting various diseases. It is a response to the aggressions of the environment that is generated by inflammatory agents. Inflammation occurs only in connective tissues, in order to isolate and destroy the external agent, and repair damaged tissue and organ . The different types of inflammation are identified medicine with the suffix: itis. The biggest problem when it arises is that the body defends itself towards harmful agents, as non-harmful, in a way that causes injury to healthy tissues or organs. What role does

Remedy to treat clogged arteries and inflammation

One of the greatest risks to our health is having our arteries clogged. This condition occurs at the beginning without symptoms, until, suddenly, we suffer a serious heart problem. Prevention of cardiovascular health is essential and saves lives. Hence, that today in our space we want to offer you a simple remedy to treat clogged arteries and inflammation. It's worth taking into account. Treat clogged arteries and inflammation naturally At the moment when the arteries suffer a deficit in their circulation and in the lowering of oxygen in

How to fight inflammation and intestinal gas with aloe vera and papaya

The consumption of too copious and abundant meals can cause digestive difficulties that, in general, manifest themselves with symptoms such as inflammation, pain and intestinal gas. These discomforts can interfere with daily tasks and, although they are usually mild, tend to present complications when they are not given enough attention. Among other things, its appearance indicates that the intestinal bacteria are out of control and, in addition to this, there is an imbalance in the . The good news is that it can be controlled naturally , since there are alternative

6 simple exercises to reduce inflammation and improve digestion

The regular practice of exercises is one of the most recommended habits to maintain good physical and mental health. This type of activities benefits the main body systems and, in turn, is the most effective way to eliminate excess calories and fat. At present there are many facilities to put it into practice every day, and it is proven that it is not necessary to go to a gym to enjoy its benefits. In addition, there is a wide variety of that, in addition to helping to tone and lose weight,

Improve your digestion and relieve inflammation with this papaya milkshake and almond milk

Digestion refers to a complex group of processes that are responsible for absorbing nutrients from food to subsequently remove waste that the body does not need. Its good functioning is key to health in general, since, in turn, it influences the activity of metabolism, hormonal health and emotions. The problem is that, even if you have a good diet, sometimes it presents difficulties in its functioning and triggers , pain, gas and a wide variety of symptoms that can interfere with daily activities. Fortunately, when it is not a serious condition,