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Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

The laurel confers flavor to our dishes , calms our mind and health to our organism. This shrub used since ancient times by all Mediterranean cultures has, today, with the same relevance. Beyond its classic expectorant properties, the laurel encloses in its strong leaves a resource of benefits for mind and body . It is a very classic condiment in the kitchen, and its symbolism continues to reflect the "triumph" in many cultures. The classic laurel wreath is nothing more than the expression of that plant rich in resources, virtues

The laurel and its digestive properties

It is a plant that although it is wild, has a slow growth, well known in gastronomy for its strong taste and aroma. It offers many properties, such as liver, carminative, antirheumatic, diuretic and dermatological but is characterized by providing a good remedy for digestive problems. The laurel and its digestive properties: appetizer and seasoning The leaves of this plant are used in hundreds of preparations in the kitchen and in turn, as medicine to relieve indigestion. This is because its composition is unsaturated fatty acids, organic acids, bactericidal substances and antioxidants,

How to make remedies with laurel to improve your respiratory health

The laurel ( Laurus nobilis L. ) is a plant belonging to the Lauráceas family. It is composed of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as vitamin C and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus or potassium, among others). Its properties allow its uses to be multiple. Thus, although the most common is for the kitchen, you can also make remedies with laurel. The medicinal properties of laurel help to prevent and alleviate certain conditions of the body. One of its benefits is that it helps digestion and prevents acidity . Its components,