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Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

Are you constantly looking for love? Many people do it, because having a partner is something very important. So much that not having it means becoming a failure . With the new technologies, in addition, we have at our disposal a host of websites in which to look for a partner? Lee: The most important thing when looking for a partner Something that has made us believe that there is no chance to meet by chance with that special person with whom we would like to share our life, if

The most important thing when looking for a partner

When we immerse ourselves in the action of looking for a partner, we leave aside the most important thing to focus on, only in the superficial. Thus, we choose those people who fit our prototype : brunettes or blondes, high or low, mature or immature, sympathetic or serious ... Read: 5 things you should not allow in your relationship However, this type of choice causes many problems. In the long term we realize that we do not connect deeply with our partner , that something is going wrong and that the

Looking for your audition is also important: when did you get the last review?

Periodic hearing reviews are key when it comes to enjoying an authentic quality of life. And is that hearing is a basic and essential channel to connect with the world around us. Now, curious as it may seem, we are not all aware of this issue. Something as simple as checking our ears once a year would guarantee us to be able to deal with any problem, any anomaly in time. In General Optica they also watch for our audition . Very close to you you have a group of great

Sometimes when we lose everything, we find what we are looking for

On many occasions we lose everything. Our partner leaves us, our friends leave, they kick us out of work ... These situations cause us to feel empty, lost and without any idea of ​​where to go to return to give meaning to our lives. Lee: How to take a positive attitude in the face of an adverse situation We tend, then, fall victimism and complaints that fill us with anxiety and despair . Is it so bad to lose everything in life? What if, when we lose, we