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Differences between osteoarthritis, arthritis and osteoporosis that you should know

Osteoarthritis, arthritis and osteoporosis are not the same . Anyone who suffers from any of these conditions knows it well, but those who enjoy a life free of these diseases, on occasion, tend to confuse the terms. We are facing very common medical realities among the population. The most problematic fact is, without doubt, its chronicity and being degenerative diseases for which there is no effective treatment that reverses the origins that cause them. We have, however, palliative medications, therapies focused on reducing inflammation , numbness or pain.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

The main objective of the treatment of osteoarthritis is to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Currently, there is no treatment capable of slowing their development, so the available treatments are focused on relieving the patient so that he can lead his life in the best possible way. For this reason, the treatment of osteoarthritis will be aimed at the relief of pain and related discomforts, in addition to slowing down the deterioration process of the patient's mobility. Trying to cause as few side effects as possible. In other words, it is an

6 tips to prevent osteoarthritis

Do you want to prevent osteoarthritis? This is a disease of the bone system that affects both men and women, and is more common in the elderly. It is caused by the degeneration of the cartilage and the adjacent bone. Cartilage degeneration manifests between 50 and 55 years, where it can present with more marked features. Cartilage is composed of collagen and its basic function is that bones do not rub . When this tissue disappears or degenerates, it begins to cause pain due to friction. This is the

Prevention of osteoarthritis

disease that progressively destroys the cartilages that are part of the joints. Thus, the bones that form this region begin to rub against each other during the realization of any movement. It appears with a relatively high frequency, forming one of the most common rheumatic pathologies due to its characteristics. As a general rule, the individual suffers a very localized pain, inflammation of the affected area and stiffness of the joint. In this way, there is a deformation of the parts affected by osteoarthritis. The joints that suffer this disorder

Symptoms and prevention of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis , also known as osteoarthritis, is a condition that attacks the present at the ends of the bones. This disease manifests itself with great frequency in the elderly. There are several factors that affect the appearance of this disease, among them we find age. A person older than 45 years is more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis . It also influences sex, because despite being a disease that appears in both men and women, in women manifests at an earlier age. However, the factor with the highest incidence is overweight,

How to prevent cervical osteoarthritis?

Arthrosis is the degenerative disease of the joints. In the case of cervical osteoarthritis, reference is made to the condition located in the cervical spine, that is, the part that constitutes the neck; where the cartilages that protect the 5 corresponding vertebrae are worn. As these cartilages are lost, the bones begin to rub and crush, leading to severe pain, deformation and inflammation. This pathology usually presents with the advance of age and care must be taken at the time of suffering. What are your symptoms? Cervical arthritis brings

Herbs that help soothe the pain caused by osteoarthritis

are essential in the treatment of many diseases , these can be used in infusions as well as extracting the juice. In addition, it is very good to have the necessary knowledge to be able to use the herbs in an appropriate way, and thus get the most out of each of them. Osteoarthritis is one of these diseases that can be treated with medicinal herbs obtaining truly effective results. Let's know a bit about osteoarthritis Arthrosis is a disease that occurs when the cartilage wears out (this is a

Knee osteoarthritis: causes, symptoms and treatment

common disease that is associated with the degeneration of the cartilage of a joint. Thus, it tends to affect more the female sex and people over fifty years of age. As a general rule, this structure is located between the bones that form a joint to avoid friction between them. However, when the cartilage wears out (may eventually disappear completely) its usual functions are affected. We can also point out that this pathology tends to affect certain joints more frequently. We include osteoarthritis of knees, hands, spine and hip.

First symptoms of osteoarthritis in the hands

Arthrosis is a disease that affects the cartilages of a joint , destroying them little by little. It is a chronic pathology, that is, the subject in question presents it for the rest of his life. The areas most affected by this disorder are the hands, the spine, the knees and the hip. We can differentiate two types of osteoarthritis: primary (without a certain cause) and secondary (the medical team can identify a trigger). Among the most common triggers are congenital diseases, injuries or traumas or other disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis

What to do to avoid osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects most of the elderly. While some genetic factors, hormonal factors and advanced age can make arthrosis an almost inevitable disease, steps can always be taken to delay its appearance and progress. Continue reading to learn a little more about this condition and to know what you can do today to avoid osteoarthritis in the future. What exactly is osteoarthritis? Arthrosis is the wear of the When the cartilage wears out, rubbing between the bones that make up the joint causes inflammation, causing pain