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Which pasta is the one that gives us the least calories?

Pasta is one of the most versatile foods that exist . It is in almost every kitchen in the world because it has all the qualities to adapt to any palate. It is economical, nutritious, easy to prepare and goes well with an infinity of supplements. Its nutritional contribution is enormous , although this is not always compatible with a . Although pasta is not the best way to lose weight, it does not get as fat as many people think. More than the pasta itself, what influences its

How to eat pasta and maintain the ideal weight?

Pasta: egg, wheat flour and water. We all know that pasta is a very good source of carbohydrate , just as it can make us gain weight very easily, if we consume it in excess. But does this mean that we should stop eating pasta to lose weight? The question is: Does eating pasta always get fat? It is evident that the majority of slimming diets are based on the reduction and elimination of carbohydrates. It is also true that nutritionists and instructors prefer less complex carbohydrates. However, there are

3 recipes to cook a delicious Italian pasta

Italian pasta is undoubtedly one of the most popular and known foods in the world. It is constituted by wheat flour, water, salt and egg. And despite the fact that today is an iconic ingredient of Italian cuisine, its origin is not European. According to historical evidence, this food comes from China but was introduced during the Middle Ages to Italy and, since then, has enjoyed great acceptance and, of course, assimilation. The texture, the flavor, the dozens of possible combinations that exist and, above all, the simplicity of its preparation make

How to cook a creamier pasta without cream or cheese?

Surely you have been thinking that it is impossible to cook a creamier pasta, without having a good amount of To have the results you are looking for in this type of recipe, you need to add the flavor of other elements that will replace the exceptional contrast of However, these will leave a similar flavor, so none of your guests may suspect the lack of these two ingredients. Pasta is usually one of the foods that everyone chooses at some point in time. This is not only due to

We know that pasta is delicious, but does it make you fat or does it make you fat?

Among all the foods that surround us, pasta is one of the most popular in the world . The origin of the pasta is not entirely clear. Some place it in the Ancient East and introduced into the western world by Marco Polo in the thirteenth century; other historians say that, in Cicero's Rome, it was already an important part of the popular What is certain is that the pasta has very bad publicity : a lot of flour, which is equal to many carbohydrates and calories, without higher nutritional values.

Delicious recipes of pasta Bolognese

The Bolognese pasta is a classic in the kitchen to accompany pasta . Its essential ingredient is ground beef, which can be ox, pork, calf, or the combination of these. Then, it is complemented with a delicious , which is onion, celery and carrot combined in picadillo. Origin of the Bolognese pasta Bolognese pasta is a dish originating in Italy , precisely from the city of This is one of the most cooked dishes in Italy and the truth is that it is delicious. In his hometown, he

Vegetarian recipes to substitute pasta, rice and potatoes

One of the big problems of those who want to reduce carbohydrate consumption is the replacement of pasta, rice and These foods have a high glycemic index, so most diets do not contemplate them . Fortunately, there are some options that can help you replace your taste and texture in a healthier way, such as the following vegetarian recipes. Cold cauliflower salad Ingredients 1 cauliflower 6 hard boiled eggs 3 chopped celery stems 1 small onion, chopped 1 cup cooked peas

Myths and truths of pasta that help you lose weight

For years, popular beliefs have cataloged pasta as one of the main foods that should not be consumed if you want to lose weight. However, we will see that this theory is not entirely true, and that pasta has many benefits that allow you to lose weight . This is mainly because the pasta has 1.5% fat and 15% protein. That's why it satisfies the metabolic needs of the body with its carbohydrates , which are absorbed by the body very slowly. That explains the feeling of fullness that produces and that controls

4 ways to prepare pasta differently

Do you like pasta a lot but have already gotten bored of preparing it always in the same way? Do not worry, we present 4 ways to prepare pasta differently . Prepare your ingredients to make these delights that in some cases may seem exotic. But this makes it more interesting, do not you think? Pasta is a symbol of Italian food that is recognized worldwide. The interesting thing is that there are thousands of ways to prepare pasta. Some are more complicated than others. We have made a