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Home remedies for skin peeling

The epidermis can be very sensitive and, for various reasons, be damaged and lose its outermost "layers". When these fragments are detached from the skin because of sunburn, infections or lack of hydration can be unsightly and not like us too much. In this article we offer different home remedies for skin peeling . Causes and symptoms of skin peeling This condition usually appears more frequently on the face, hands, arms and feet. Cutaneous desquamation can be caused by several factors, among which are: Allergic reactions

Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds

Colds are inflammations of the mucosa of the respiratory system , especially in the areas of the throat and nose, because of a virus, bacteria or allergy. They are characterized by an increase in mucus, cough, fever and muscle aches. In this article we present you a powerful natural remedy based on propolis, peeling lemon and honey to fight colds effectively and without side effects. Avoid colds during these holidays In times of excess we are more prone to suffer from colds and other health problems, since food is essential

Exfoliate your lips with this delicious edible peeling

Did you know that the lips also require care like the rest of the skin of the skin? Exfoliate your lips with this delicious peel that you can prepare at home and also, after using it, you can eat it! Discover in this article how to prepare it for you or even to surprise your friends with this original and simple gift. Exfoliate your lips to give them softness We have often talked about the importance of exfoliating the skin of the body and the skin regularly to eliminate dead cells,

Try this peeling done naturally

Time does not forgive and tells you that you must take action on the matter and attack that terrible sign that the years are passing and leaving their traces. So, if you have your first signs of expression or wrinkles, take note of this peeling done naturally. Through this option you can start to delay those newly appeared lines of expression and spots that appear on your face with the passage of time. So you can do at home and in a natural, economic and, above all, very simple, this technique of natural

Should we eat the peeling of fruits?

There is much confusion as to whether we should eat the peeling of some fruits, such as apple, pear, citrus, grapes, etc. Others, such as banana or pineapple, may surprise us because of their possibilities. In this article we explain in which cases it is positive and in which it can be very harmful, so that we learn to benefit to the maximum of all the nutrients that fruits offer us. What nutrients have the peeling? In the past, all the whole fruit was used. Even in the case of