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People who think out loud are not crazy

"Let's see, after working you have to go to the how are you going to do it to give you time? You have to keep in mind that you have to prepare dinner for ten. Next time, either stay later or go to the supermarket the day before. Yes, going ahead is the best option. Anyway, I'll call by phone, see if I can place the order and take it as soon as it arrives. I will make better use of time. " You are engrossed in this conversation

5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?

We all know what irresistible people are and what they feel like . They have something, they have light, charisma and that charm that goes far beyond mere physical appearance. We could think, first of all, that to exercise this kind of attraction one has to be born. That the attractiveness in the ways, gestures and treatment "comes from the factory". However, it is not like that. In these times where the "coach" is already raised as those gurus capable of initiating us in a myriad of skills to be more

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Swimming, running or going to an aerobics class can be very fun and interesting activities. However, the short-sighted think twice, as they do not know how to take care of their glasses or contact lenses, or how to make so that the lack of vision does not interfere with physical activity . In this article we will give you some tips to exercise if you have myopia. Myopia and sports: with glasses or contact lenses? This is a very common question in myopic patients who come to the consultation both

Practical exercises for people with low tension

Also called low blood pressure, it refers to the decrease in blood pressure to reach limits lower than those accepted as normal. These limits are established by two figures that are calculated in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). The estimate is made by means of an instrument called a tensiometer (it is also known as a sphygmomanometer). The maximum blood pressure (or systolic) should range between 90 and 140 mm Hg . In turn, the minimum pressure, also known as diastolic, should be between 90 and 60 mm Hg.

Getting away from people who do not deserve us is also healthy

There are people who do not deserve us . Realizing this, however curious it may seem, is also an exercise in health and well-being. Something in which we always invest time and effort is in being accepted by the people around us; that is, we seek to be worthy of the admiration of others, of friendship , affection and affection. Now, to focus our existence under this psychological parameter is a mistake. The relations must be perfect dynamics in terms of investments and profits between both parties . The

5 habits that honest people practice

Honest people enjoy a better quality of life , are happier and face problems in a more integral and courageous way. . This is so for a very simple reason: honest people are not the smartest, nor those who always know the truth about things: they are profiles with a firm coherence between what they think and what they do . Curious as it may seem, this kind of psychological principle is not easy to put into practice. The honesty of mind and acts requires an adequate personal development where being genuine,

4 natural infusions for people with digestive problems

The digestive system is one of the most important in the human body. This relevance also entails great care because, if you do not know how to take it, the most likely is the appearance of various problems. The function of this focuses on processing the ingested While these travel through the entire system, nutrients and other substances are absorbed to provide energy to the body. However, in certain occasions, this process is hindered by the incapacity of the organism. Digestive problems Digestive problems can affect any

9 types of people you should take away from your life for mental health

Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to meet people of all kinds, with different personalities and ways of life. Some become our support and, in fact, they become key in our process of personal and professional growth. Others, for their part, do nothing but contaminate us with their they become a great obstacle to transcend as we want. The worst of all is that they are usually people used to manipulating and, after falling into their games, we end up in undesirable situations that we do not want to face.

7 manipulation strategies used by people who mistreat

Why, after an assault, we return to the side of the person who has mistreated us ? The answer lies in the various manipulation strategies he uses. These are very subtle and take advantage of that moment of confusion and despair that addresses us. That in which we are more fragile than ever and more manipulable. Discover: How to survive everyday manipulators Today we will discover some manipulation strategies that you can be a victim of. Sometimes, we use them ourselves without realizing it . This happens

Hurt people hurt others

Maybe they have hurt you more than once, but have you stopped to think about why they did it? We never think about what the other may have done to act like that . However, injured people usually proceed in this way. Lee: Emotional pain is the longest to heal Sometimes, this happens because they have endured so much that everything they felt has led to a grudge that does not discriminate between those who behave well with them and those who do not. Other times, they simply try