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Do you have a seductive personality type?

Having a seductive personality has great value . Being able to relate effectively and always be pleasant is very important in the society in which we currently live. Although, sometimes, people envy this type of personality, labeling those who own it with disrespectful terms, the truth is that it has many advantages. What is your great disadvantage? The disadvantage of the seductive personality is that you are either born with it or can not acquire it as a new personality. Lee: Childhood influences the development of personality We

Personality can change over the years

There is a song that says "I am like that, so I will continue, I will never change" ... Are we really all the same in terms of our personality? In the following article we will tell you how human beings have the ability to modify certain habits, behaviors and behaviors over time. Personality is forged over the years While it is common to think that since we are born until we cease to exist "we are molded in stone" and it is impossible to change our personality, the truth is that

What is the best sport for you according to your personality

Did you know that not all types of exercise are recommended for all people ? According to our personality, our routine or our levels of activity and energy we must find what is the best sport for each one. Discover in this article what physical activity we can do to improve our quality of life. Can I find the best sport for me? Sport is essential to keep us in shape, to prevent health problems and achieve a balanced weight. We should exercise two or three times a week and,

5 traits that define strong personality: do you identify?

Often, strong personality can cause some tension or discomfort. Some people see in this profile someone unable to yield to certain things, someone who, on occasion, is selfish or who only looks-apparently-for their interests and who does not accept visions, proposals or suggestions from others. Nothing is further from reality. It is true that in the matter of personality there are always many nuances when it comes to labeling someone as "purely" introverted , extroverted, dependent, independent, intuitive, etc. However, when we speak of the strong personality, there is something

Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder whose diagnosis is difficult. It consists of a malfunction of the limbic system . This is the part of the brain that is responsible for managing emotions. This poor performance involves very complex symptoms, so it can be confused with other diseases and   Frequently, the design of the treatment is erroneous on more than one occasion. In this sense, a wrong diagnosis can lead to the administration of drugs that are contraindicated for borderline personality disorder . Consequently, such drugs can worsen

A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws

We all aspire to have a balanced personality . That makes us feel good with ourselves and also with others. The problem is that we believe that this has to do with being perfect, and this error prevents us from achieving that balance that we long for. We recommend: Love according to your personality type It is not human to believe that there is someone perfect, because all of us are full of imperfections. Therefore, the first step to have a balanced personality is to accept this fact.

A diet for each personality: What is yours?

This data may surprise more than one: the type of diet that we must maintain also depends on our personality or the current state of mind. Let's take an example: you are a person with a high level of anxiety. You have little time to cook, you always go in a hurry and usually eat the first thing you have on hand: chips, hamburgers, crackers ... If you follow this type of diet for a long time, it will increase the discomfort and the level of anxiety itself. This type of

10 ways to discover your personality according to the shape of your lips

The shape of your lips can tell you much more than you think. In particular, of your If you do not know very well what is behind this pay attention because, surely, you will find more than one match. Take note and see if you see yourself reflected in it. 1. Large and thick lips People with thick and large lips have the gift of knowing how to take care of others . If you have this type of lips maybe since your They are

7 signs that you are a strong personality

There is usually some confusion regarding personality, character and temperament. This is because these terms are very close, but not identical. For this reason it will be important to point out what personality is . According to Hall & Lindzey in his book Theories of Personality (1957, p.262) personality is "the dynamic organization in the individual of those systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought" . In other words, it is the configuration of the systems responsible for behavior that are forged through the history of the individual. What

Discover what your signature says about your personality

The signature is something unique and exclusive of each person. Like fingerprints, they are all different. For this reason, firms say a lot about the personality of an individual , their way of thinking, acting and even their defects and virtues. For a long time this was discovered and since then the , science responsible for analyzing the signatures and their structure . It is said that depending on the shape, size and even the details that a signature contains, the characteristics of a person can be determined. Thanks