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Histrionic personality disorder

The histrionic disorder of the personality has a prevalence of approximately 2-3% in the population . It's more common in women. Formerly it was called hysterical personality (of histeros, uterus). Currently the name comes from histrion (theater actor, mask). In the classification of personality disorders we can find it in group B. This group includes people who are excessively extroverted, unstable, emotional and impulsive. Some people also describe them as dramatic or theatrical. Brief clarification about personality disorders Personality disorders are alterations or limitations in the way of

Schizoid personality Disorder

Schizoid personality disorder is a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of disconnection in the social sphere . These patients have great difficulty expressing their emotions and are usually cold and distant. This alteration of personality tends to indifference, introversion and distancing of social relationships. They often have a hard time responding to important life events. It also seems that they live as if they were devoid of emotion. In addition, a person with this disorder may seem to lack a desire for intimacy and avoid a close relationship with

Paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder is a personality disorder that is characterized by a generalized tendency to interpret the actions of others as voluntarily threatening and humiliating. People who suffer from this disorder are usually seemingly cold, rational, distant and tend to live reality as if it were chasing them. In addition, they are often critical of others' weaknesses. Paranoid personality disorder can evolve into paranoid psychosis or schizophrenia. Anyone can suffer an episode like those suffered by patients with paranoid personality disorder without necessarily being sick. That is to say, the fact

Dependent personality disorder

Dependent personality disorder is a clinical condition characterized by the inability to be alone and the need to obtain support from other people in most circumstances. It is not the same to have traits of dependence than to suffer the dependent personality disorder. In the latter, it is virtually impossible to act if you do not have someone's support . This decisively limits the life of the sufferer. The concept of dependence is not negative by itself. However, when lack of support from another leads to inaction or significant deterioration of

How to cope with borderline personality disorder

The behavior of people with borderline personality disorder often generates confusion among those around them, be they family or friends. This is because the condition makes people act in a certain way capricious and eccentric. Thus, this can cause concern and even upset your family members. People with borderline personality disorder reflect characteristic symptoms of the disease. For these reasons, below, we tell you a little about this disorder, and its main characteristics. What is borderline personality disorder? Borderline personality disorder appears in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

Discover which sport is indicated for you, according to your personality

The personality defines what we are and the way in which we act in the face of different circumstances. Thus, not all sports conform to our way of being. Have you thought about the right sport for you? Sport according to your personality The intrinsic characteristics of each sport are associated with different personalities. If you are very analytical, surely you prefer 1. Extreme sports for risk lovers First of all let's talk about extreme sports. These activities require intense physical effort, as well

Love according to your personality type

Do we choose our partners according to the type of our personality? You may not have thought about it until now, or maybe it's a fact that you've always been clear about. Anyway, we invite you to know these 4 personalities according to which, they tell us that affective relationships are built. 4 personality types in love We admit, sometimes we fall in love with the person we least expect. The one that least fits our personality and that nevertheless complements us . On other occasions we establish very inadequate

Discover what your nails say about your personality

Both the color of the enamel and the shape of the nails tell a lot about the personality of the wearer. Do you want to know more and start analyzing and putting words to the enamels you have at home? Keep reading! The color of the enamel As for the color of the enamel, many women paint their nails without knowing what they are saying about their personality. The blue lets see that who wears them has confidence in himself, that is in words and that stands out for its

Brain hemispheres and personality: A myth collapses?

For a long time, according to what is known about personality and , people are usually divided into two large groups : those that are analytical, retailers and that guide their actions in a logical way, and those that are more "subjective", reflective and that in every human act they print their unique stamp of creativity and emotion. For many years it has been said that people belonging to the first group have a preponderance of the left hemisphere of the brain, while people of the second group have a prevalence of the right side.

Antisocial personality disorder

The antisocial personality disorder (APD), also known as sociopathy, is a psychiatric illness characterized by a prolonged pattern of manipulation, exploitation and violation of the rights of others in favor of their own. The person who suffers ignores the feelings of others and does not mind breaking the laws to obtain some benefit. He also tends to treat others with a cruel indifference and shows no guilt or remorse for his behavior. As with psychopaths , many are extroverted and have some facility to establish relationships, but only superficially. Due to their