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The 4 best positions to sleep with your partner

While it is true that sleeping with your partner strengthens your relationship is also that, many times, when sharing a bed, they end up doing strange positions and, above all, very harmful to health. Therefore, to achieve absolute rest and that the body is not resentful, take good note of these positions that will allow you to sleep with your partner and be comfortable at all times. The key, beyond the position by which you decide, is to seek comfort and escape from impossible positions in which you can harm yourself. All these

3 anatomical positions that you should know

The anatomical positions are those that are considered adequate for the anatomical study of the human body . The standard anatomical position is that the person must be upright keeping the head and neck erect. In addition, the arms are placed on both sides of the body, keeping them extended with the palms of the hands forward. On the other hand, the legs will remain extended and slightly separated. We can distinguish between two types of anatomical positions: basic and surgical. They are known as basic anatomical positions to those positions that

Yoga and pregnancy: What positions can I practice?

Joining yoga and pregnancy is an ideal decision. This discipline is an excellent exercise and a great way to relax and meditate in the midst of preparing to bring a baby into the world. The practice of yoga, especially recommended to combat stress, can be an option for the mother's mind. Many times this does not rest anticipating the arrival of the baby, planning details and with hundreds of doubts and thoughts. In addition, there are many special asanas that can be performed in case of swelling in the legs and feet,