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Saying what you think has many benefits. Do you dare to practice this art?

Saying what you think and practicing the art of honesty has incredible health benefits. In this society of half truths and entire lies , honest people are often in danger of extinction. Now, something that we should never lose sight of in our emotional compasses is that always saying the truth about our thoughts, judgments and opinions has a limit: that of personal respect, consideration and empathy. Telling the truth can sometimes bring suffering, we know it , but if that momentary pain helps the person in front grow and assume a

8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports

If we plan to do more exercise to tone or gain muscle, to lose weight or to keep in shape, there are some tips that we should follow to do it in a correct and effective way. Discover in this article 8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports and get the most out of it. Start practicing sport Have you proposed to start practicing sport or do you want to do it in a more effective way? It is a great goal to keep you healthy

5 habits that honest people practice

Honest people enjoy a better quality of life , are happier and face problems in a more integral and courageous way. . This is so for a very simple reason: honest people are not the smartest, nor those who always know the truth about things: they are profiles with a firm coherence between what they think and what they do . Curious as it may seem, this kind of psychological principle is not easy to put into practice. The honesty of mind and acts requires an adequate personal development where being genuine,

9 recommendations that you must put into practice to avoid constipation

Constipation is a digestive disease that occurs when the intestine slows its movement , which affects its ability to remove waste. It is a common condition in the current population, given that the majority of cases are derived from the constant sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices. Its appearance reduces the quality of life of patients , since many residues are retained in the colon, causing inflammatory reactions, gas and pain. The most worrisome is that many do not know how to prevent and treat it, which facilitates the appearance of other

7 great strategies to promote your mental agility: Put them into practice!

We call mental agility all those wonderful cognitive processes that make it possible for us to reason and draw conclusions more quickly. In this dimension, we also include creativity , the ability to analyze and that immediacy when inferring relationships to be more skilled in our day-to-day needs. All these processes are not gifts or even less aptitudes that characterize only the youngest people. Quite the opposite. We talk about concepts that can be trained, that are not lost with age and that we must work every day to adapt ourselves

7 mental attitudes to be able to practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness may seem simple, but it can be a challenge for many people. And it is not only necessary the ability to be still and silent . We must also learn to set aside certain mental attitudes that cloud our thinking . We tend to live always thinking about many things at the same time. Instead, mindfulness teaches you to stop and observe each and every one of the thoughts that poke through your mind . Lee: Include Mindfulness in your daily life Today we will discover

4 great tips to take care of your mattress. Put them into practice!

And you ... How do you take care of your mattress? Sometimes we do not value the importance of this very basic element in our life, a surface on which we spend, on average, between 7 and 9 hours each day. Its firmness, its hygiene and its good condition are not only essential for a better rest . It also guarantees the good health of our back and even prevents us from suffering different allergic processes. We can not forget, for example, that mattresses make up a "fabulous" environment for mites to

Do you want to tone your abdomen at home? Put these 5 exercises into practice

The abdomen is one of the areas of the body that we prefer to work constantly, not only because their muscles tend to lose firmness, but because it is one of the parts that accumulates more fat. We know that keeping it slim helps us to stylize the figure and, in addition, allows us to look with comfort many of our favorite garments. However, we recognize that it is difficult to achieve, since it is necessary to adopt good eating habits and exercise every day. Luckily, to tone it up, we do

Keep your body in shape with this routine of 5 exercises to practice at home

Physical exercise is one of the most recommended habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a stable body weight. While eating plays a major role, the practice of this habit is the best complement to wear a slender figure without risking health. Practicing it on a regular basis helps to overcome the negative effects of and, in turn, activates the metabolic functions that help you lose weight. In fact, with just a few minutes a day you can get wonderful benefits in both physical and mental health. The problem

How often should I practice yoga to lose weight?

Those who want to achieve their ideal weight look for the perfect physical activity that helps them achieve it. If you're here, sure you're one of those people. We recommend that you try yoga to lose weight if you want to do something different. The important thing is perseverance and discipline to see results. All physical activities require a minimum daily or weekly dedication for the body to change and the person begins to look and feel better. Yoga is not the exception, it also needs perseverance and effort. Do not