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Laws of life: live without pretending, love without depending and speak without offending

The authentic laws of life are not marked by a legal code , nor by family mandates nor by the new gurus of today who try to convince us about how to be happy. The law of life is marked by oneself when, little by little, it realizes where the limits are, where the sense of respect, coexistence and magic that allows us to enjoy each other in harmony. Because there are things that are not learned in books; We discover them by making mistakes, by observing and deducting, through these interactions, where

Hiding and pretending emotions affects your partner

Pretending emotions is not positive for any of our relationships, much less if we refer to our partner. But who would want to hide or simulate what they feel? This happens because we have confused the emotional management with the action of hiding. It is true that giving our emotions total freedom could have fatal consequences. Some of them are repentance, almost momentary, of what we have transmitted to our partner. We recommend: Indicators to know if my relationship does not work Therefore, it is necessary to remember