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2 delicious recipes of cinnamon fritters

Who does not like fritters ? Buñuelos can be a very good option for when you want to have a sweet and you do not have anything at home or for when guests come in a while and you have been caught without a cookie in the pantry. We give you 2 different recipes, one more elaborate and the other easier to make. Recipe of cinnamon fritters This first option is very rich. It's a bit elaborate but it's worth it. With this recipe you get some very fluffy fritters.

The 5 best recipes for not going hungry

Eat healthy and natural and lose weight at the same time is a reality that is built on a diet made with criteria. The 5 best salads for not going hungry help achieve that goal. Many people see salads as a condemnation of hunger. The secret lies in the combination of ingredients . Green leaves, which can be eaten without limits, are mixed with carrots that provide a feeling of fullness. Skinless chicken, avocado, tofu or hard boiled eggs serve the same function. The best thing is

4 very healthy homemade candy recipes

We all want an attractive and healthy body. Likewise, we would all like to have a delicious sweet without feeling guilty or suffering from cavities . Although it seems that all wishes can not be fulfilled, it is possible. To eat a sweet without compromising health, there are recipes for very healthy homemade candy. It is an extended opinion that sweets are harmful to health. And this is true when it comes to sweets produced industrially, with a lot of sugar and preservatives. The only way to completely control

Camp cones recipes

Also known as "cones campfire" is an excellent idea for those who love the outdoors, they mount their tent anywhere and want to eat something with lots of proteins and vitamins to continue their activities. Know in this article some recipes of camping cones. The camping cones are a very good option also for those who organize parties in the backyard of the house with the children and their friends. They are simple to make, delicious and the kids will love it. Camp cones recipe This is one of the

4 Traditional cheese cake recipes

The cheese cake is a classic in traditional cuisine. It is a very simple dessert to prepare and that everyone likes. Then we give you up to 4 recipes for you to choose the one that best suits you, with an oven, without an oven, in the microwave or in the light version. Also do not miss our useful tips. Traditional cheese cake with oven Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of flour 3 eggs 1 tub of Philadelphia type 3 creamy natural

3 Recipes of cornstarch delicacy and much more

The delicacy of cornstarch is the same as saying cornstarch sponge; the difference it has with the traditional sponge cake is that it has a much softer and more delicate texture, a real pleasure for the most demanding palates! Next we do not give you one but up to 3 delicacy recipes of cornstarch , the best you can do ... try them all! Delicacy of cornstarch Ingredients: 230 g of cornstarch flour 60 g of flour 300 g of sugar 3 eggs

7 tips to give an oriental touch to your recipes of always

If you like cooking and try new recipes and flavors, we recommend that you read this article to discover simple ways to give an oriental touch to the recipes you already know. Discover 7 tips that will bring you closer to Asian flavors with natural and easy-to-get ingredients . 1. A bittersweet touch Read also: One of the most characteristic flavors of oriental cuisine is the bittersweet, which usually combines salty, citrus or acid and sweet touches . This can be achieved with the combination of salt, sugar

3 recipes with quinoa that will fascinate you

Quinoa is a very well known Its multiple contributions to health, as well as its facility to be combined in the kitchen, have made it ideal for preparing different recipes. If you still do not know what quinoa is about, do not worry. We will explain everything you need to know about this cereal and, in addition, we will give you the tools to prepare delicious recipes at home. It can be used for the preparation of breads, stews and soups, even as a nutritional supplement. And it is that

4 delicious recipes with pumpkin that you can enjoy in your breakfast

The squash is a vegetable belonging to the family of cucurbits and is the fruit of the pumpkin. It is a food that comes from South Asia, although it is now grown in many other places in the world. For decades it has stood out for its versatility in gastronomy , but above all for being an important source of essential nutrients. In fact, many take advantage of it for their diets for weight loss purposes, since it is very low in calories and provides vitamins and minerals that support the functioning

7 recipes with baking soda for your face

Sodium bicarbonate is a water soluble white solid compound that has the ability to remove dead skin cells. profunda. It is well known for its properties in the dental area and has been used as a natural toothpaste for its ability to deep . With regard to the skin, it is a great humectant and is excellent to achieve a soft and smooth texture, completely free of impurities . Here we leave you some of the best recipes you can prepare with this and other products that you already have at home