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3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

We make many mistakes that need to be learned , but there are some very negative ones that we are not aware of at the end of a relationship. Some of them are inevitable. Emotions play tricks on us and, also, we depend a lot on the circumstances in which we have been involved to put an end to the relationship. Because it is not the same to end a relationship because love is over or passion has definitely extinguished its flame that if this decision has taken the fruit of an infidelity

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Who wears the pants in your relationship? Do you let your partner dominate you or take the reins? You could say that this is a constant struggle, the result of a traditional belief. For a long time we have considered that in relationships there are two very well differentiated roles : the one of the person who obeys and the one who commands. Lee: 4 reasons not to settle in a relationship Perhaps this comes from years ago, when the one who had the power was the husband, since the

I also had a toxic and harmful relationship

I also had a toxic and harmful relationship that annulled me as a person and that destroyed everything that was good in me. Notice that it was such a poisonous situation that I came to believe that it was all my fault . I usually compare a toxic relationship with addiction to a drug. Even if you know that it does you wrong, that it is not positive for you, in some way, you end up justifying its consumption. Discover: How to know if I am living a "toxic relationship" of a

The risks of betting on a deteriorated relationship

When betting on a deteriorated relationship there are many risks that one is going to have to face. And it is not an easy and simple situation to solve. However, both members of the couple struggle to hold the pieces and rebuild the rubble in which their relationship has remained. Discover: Avoid damaging your relationship Despite the effort and commitment, a deteriorated relationship never comes to fruition . The fear of rupture The reason why two people decide to continue their relationship, even though their foundations have

Tests of love to validate the strength of a relationship

During the infatuation phase, love is crazy . Everything is euphoria, desire, passion ... However, when this phase happens and we are at the door of mature love , it is important to consider certain tests of love to know if there is a future or not in the relationship. We have all "predicted" on occasion the failure or rupture of a relationship that was not ours. This is because, with the right perspective, things look much clearer . Lee: The 4 fundamental pillars of a couple However,

Promises of change to recover a relationship

Have you ever made promises of change to recover a relationship? Have they been made to you? This situation happens when the fear of a rupture becomes reality and we refuse to assume it . The most curious thing is that in this particular case where the promises of change are present, the best thing that could have happened is that we did not continue together with the couple we were with. Why? Because this request is, sometimes, an attempt at manipulation . Promises of change not to

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

Falling in love can blind us when we are in the middle of a destructive relationship. The fear of being alone or "losing" the loved one makes us endure a series of toxic behaviors on the part of our partner. In fact, we come to think that their behaviors are due to the love they have for us and that we "deserve" those humiliations or reproaches that become constant with the passing of days. The most worrisome is that we begin to feel trapped and lose the ability to make a decision that

The psychological cost of giving everything for a relationship

Giving everything for a relationship can have a brutal psychological cost for us. However, this is something that we do much more than we think, either because society urges us to do so or because they have taught us that. Read: Indicators to know if my relationship does not work Sometimes, giving everything for a relationship is almost an obligation that we impose because, if we do not, many will throw us in the face that we do not love that person and that if the relationship goes down, it will be

Having a baby will not solve your relationship problems

Do you want to have a baby with your partner? If so, why? Sometimes, there are those who want to have offshoots to solve their own problems as a couple . They do not realize that this is not a solution, but an attempt to find an escape route. Discover: 7 things that happen to you when you are no longer happy in your relationship We continue with old beliefs in our mind that push us to make the same mistakes again and again. Think, for example, of all

7 things that happen to you when you are no longer happy in your relationship

Having a relationship can make us feel complete and motivated to face each of the challenges that life puts us in day to day. That as long as that "spark" of love and passion that is usually very noticeable in the first months together is preserved. However, time always plays against and even more when both fall into monotony and do nothing to get out of it . For this reason, many Supporting a relationship when you are no longer happy in it is very complicated and, if you do not pay