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Combat hypertension and high cholesterol with this home remedy of ginger and garlic

Hypertension and high cholesterol are two cardiovascular diseases that, due to the sedentary lifestyle, are increasing every year. Its appearance causes an overstretch in the heart muscle and, in turn, affects blood circulation and arterial health. The most worrisome is that both develop silently and, most of the time, their diagnoses occur when they are already at an advanced stage of development. As a consequence, it increases the risk of conditions such as In addition, since they can also affect the functioning of other body systems , the quality of

Improve your visual health with this natural aloe vera remedy

The excessive use of technological devices and the continuous exposure to free radicals in the environment are the main reasons for the increase in patients with eye diseases. Although these problems have always existed, in recent years they have increased alarmingly , even from young ages. The problem is that many still think that their appearance only occurs as a natural effect of age and, most of the time, ignore that there are habits that can help protect it. For example, through food, the organism can be provided with a wide variety

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

The laurel confers flavor to our dishes , calms our mind and health to our organism. This shrub used since ancient times by all Mediterranean cultures has, today, with the same relevance. Beyond its classic expectorant properties, the laurel encloses in its strong leaves a resource of benefits for mind and body . It is a very classic condiment in the kitchen, and its symbolism continues to reflect the "triumph" in many cultures. The classic laurel wreath is nothing more than the expression of that plant rich in resources, virtues

Discover what a fabulous remedy you should take to combat insomnia

Irregular sleep patterns, as well as chronic or occasional insomnia, have multiple origins. Among its main triggers are: Stress The anxiety A poor diet Our work schedules Some ailments Certain medications If our problem when it comes to getting a deep and restful rest affects our quality of life, the first thing we should do is go to a specialist. Now, in our daily life will always be helpful those other complementary methods, those old remedies of the grandmother and

Fight the symptoms of gastritis with this simple natural remedy

The stomach is lined by a layer of cells known as gastric mucosa, whose function is to protect against the aggression of gastric juices. This protective agent prevents the formation of ulcers and, in turn, plays a very important role in the balance of . However, after being exposed to certain factors, may present an irritation or weakness that, if not controlled, leads to what we know as gastritis. This digestive disorder is one of the most common in the population and is characterized by causing an annoying burning sensation in

Amazing remedy to eliminate wrinkles naturally

Natural beauty remedies work and, in addition, have no side effects for the skin or for health. They are effective thanks to the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids they contain, with high antioxidant properties, which help us eliminate wrinkles and combat dehydration and sagging. Discover in this article a surprising remedy to prevent and eliminate wrinkles with 4 medicinal ingredients . Take care of the skin To eliminate wrinkles we must learn to treat the skin with certain products, to be able to be natural, but also to take care

Soothes joint pain with a lemon peel and olive oil remedy

Joint pain is a symptom that usually occurs due to an inflammatory reaction in the tissues of the body. Its appearance indicates that the cartilages and ligaments are suffering a wear , although it can also alert an injury. It can occur mildly or chronically, depending on its cause, but in both cases it is essential to provide a treatment to avoid other complications. Although it is usually treated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, there are natural remedies that help speed up your recovery without causing unwanted side effects. One

Fennel and lemon drink, a wonderful remedy

One of the most classic remedies to combat bad digestion is to take an infusion of fennel and lemon . We all know. However, it will be very interesting to discover that this healthy drink hides many more benefits. Fennel belongs to the same family as celery, cilantro, dill or parsley . We have talked about all of them in our space, but so far, we have not told you something even more exceptional: the fact of combining this plant with the juice of a lemon. This infusion has

How to fight cellulite with a homemade remedy of green tea and raspberries

Cellulite is one of the aesthetic problems that causes the most discomfort in women, not only because it is difficult to eliminate, but because it tends to get worse when the necessary measures are not taken to control it. Although it is not a health problem, its presence can indicate hormonal decontrol, excess body fat and difficulties in the functioning of the lymphatic system. This generates the formation of nodules of fat, liquid and toxins, which make the skin surface look like an "orange peel". While it is quite common, and affects

Remedy for pain based on turmeric, pepper and olive oil

People who suffer pain on a regular basis have to resort to analgesic drugs that sometimes do not relieve them . In others, they cause side effects. These people can fall into stages of discouragement or depression because they can not solve their pain. In this article we present a surprising and effective natural remedy to combat and eliminate pain with three medicinal ingredients : turmeric, black pepper and olive oil. Natural remedies for pain Some analgesic medications can cause drowsiness, affect the or cause birth defects in