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10 tips to sleep well

We do not always rest as well as we would like or wish. If you also have problems sleeping well, do not miss these recommendations and advice. They will help you fall 1. Exercise Exercising is fundamental if our goal is to sleep well. And being physically active with activities as simple as will make us get to sleep faster . In addition, we will achieve a deeper rest and wake up less during the night. Of course, avoid extreme exercise, at least, from 4

9 errors that do not allow you to sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia or some difficulty in falling asleep? Do not know to what habits this problem can be attributed? The good news is that in the following article we will tell you what are the main mistakes that do not allow you to sleep. Surely you are falling into more than one! Errors that make you sleepy Sleeping is very important for all mammals, because it serves to recover the body from the efforts made during the day and to cure certain Therefore, if lately

Do you want to sleep better? Drink water with lemon before going to bed

Sleeping better is one of the most desired purposes by a good part of the population. To achieve this, we do not hesitate to resort to drugs or "a thousand and one remedies" with which to find that precious well-being. In case of suffering from chronic insomnia, the most advisable thing is, without doubt, to consult with a good specialist. On the other hand, to improve the quality of our rest and prevent that occasional insomnia sometimes associated with stress, our lifestyle or poor diet, we recommend the following: drink water with lemon

Tips for not having sleep during the day

If you are at work and you can not stay 5 minutes with your eyes open or stop yawning every now and then, maybe you should modify some of your daily habits. In this article we will give you some tips to avoid sleep during the day. And they do not include drinking coffee in abundance! Can you not be sleepy at all times? Without you noticing your eyelids are closing little by little and with them you lack coordination and To avoid reaching this situation, it would be better

How to fight sleep apnea with 5 natural remedies

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that occurs when breathing is interrupted or becomes superficial , due to a narrowing or partial blockage of the airways. These pauses can last from seconds to minutes and often occur 30 or more times per hour. Afterwards, the breathing returns to normal, sometimes with a The people with more risk of suffering it are those who suffer from overweight and obesity ; however, it is also common in patients with respiratory diseases, tonsillitis and tobacco users. Although it can be confused with common

The moments before going to sleep condition your dream

Many elements influence a person's The moments before going to sleep condition the way the dream will be. Habits and patterns have a lot to do with this process. Sleep not only regulates physiological aspects of the body, it is also important for cognitive development. Through the dream learning and memories are strengthened. The body rests and recovers physically and mentally. At bedtime, the human body crosses a series of processes that regulate its state. Your blood pressure decreases and respiratory and sensory functions are reduced. In this way,

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

If at night you have a "bombardment" of thoughts or ruminations that prevent you from sleeping; undoubtedly the next day you will look like a zombie and there will be no way to come up with new or original ideas. In the following article we will tell you how to clear your mind to reconcile a good night's sleep and have a better performance in your daily tasks. Clear the mind and sleep better No one can deny that it is a gift to have a creative mind. But many

5 best infusions to sleep peacefully

Have you ever wondered what are the infusions to sleep better? Have you tried several and they do not work? Have you drunk any and still have not fallen asleep? It is possible that you have prepared them in the wrong way. We usually resort to the infusion bags that they sell at the supermarket. This is not bad if we know how to prepare them. In this sense, it is essential to consult and follow the instructions that appear in the box. On the other hand, it is

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

Sleeping is an indispensable factor for the human being, as well as food and daily exercise. But, let's focus on the dream. You must bear in mind that if you usually sleep a little, this has serious consequences for your body. It is recommended that people sleep at least seven hours a day for proper psychomotor functioning, ie: sleep is essential for the development of your body and mind . If you want a better quality of life, you need to regulate your sleep. It has been proven that lack of

Oats to rest better: 5 reasons that will encourage you to consume it before you sleep

Resting better is synonymous with health , wellness and greater energy to be more productive during the day. Knowing this, answer us now to a simple question ... Do you sleep your eight hours of the pull? Or are you perhaps those who wake up every so often and get up with the clear feeling of not having rested? If so, it is time to take action. It is time to make changes and take a simple remedy just one hour before going to bed : a glass of warm oatmeal.