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Laws of life: live without pretending, love without depending and speak without offending

The authentic laws of life are not marked by a legal code , nor by family mandates nor by the new gurus of today who try to convince us about how to be happy. The law of life is marked by oneself when, little by little, it realizes where the limits are, where the sense of respect, coexistence and magic that allows us to enjoy each other in harmony. Because there are things that are not learned in books; We discover them by making mistakes, by observing and deducting, through these interactions, where

It is better to keep quiet during the storm and speak when there is calm

When the storm arrives, all the elements of nature collide with each other to show us their most aggressive side, the most chaotic and, at times, even dangerous. The same happens with human relationships, we also collide and we collapse emotionally in our discussions , our disagreements, our differences. When that storm arrives in which everything seems to come together, exhaustion, anger, misunderstanding and a casual trigger, many of us lose our patience to the point of saying things that we later regret. It is not always easy to keep a cool

When your dreams speak of your own health

It may surprise you. But the world of dreams is sometimes a reflection of our emotional world, where media, anxieties and stress are translated into dream images that we all share equally. For example, have you ever dreamed that you fell into space? We explain to you what is due. Sleeping has a restorative effect on the person. We not only need it physically, our brain is incredibly active while we rest to organize memories and thoughts. If we suffer insomnia, for example, it is common that we have problems of