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Prenatal stimulation techniques

Every pregnant woman has spent many minutes of her pregnancy days caressing her bulging abdomen, trying to decipher if she is touching her baby's foot, elbow or knee. That is the first and most intuitive prenatal stimulation technique that every woman does. There is no scientific evidence to indicate that prenatal stimulation techniques affect the intelligence or learning capacity of the developing baby. However, the truth is that these are exercises that can be very pleasing for the mother and open ways to strengthen the bond with her son. How to do

5 benefits of prenatal stimulation

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in a woman's life. There are so many new and different sensations that it is difficult to list them all. Every movement of your baby represents a "hello, mom! I'm here". That's why we want you to practice prenatal stimulation. Do you know what it is? Keep reading. Mi amor, pon la mano y siente cómo se ve mueve el niño. - My love, put your hand and feel how the child moves. ¡Nuestro bebé está bailando con la música! - Our baby