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The need to cry for being too strong

My need to cry is not born of weakness , of the lack of strength to resist, of the desire to throw away everything that has been achieved so far overboard. This trouble comes from how strong I have been and how much I need to free myself. We still consider the one who cries weak . We even recriminate ourselves when tears come to light because of circumstances we have had to deal with. Lee: Did you know that crying is good for your health? Support a difficult

5 keys to develop a strong and dignified PSYCHOLOGICAL immune system

In our space we talk to you very often about how we can take care of our immune system every day to deal with viruses, infections and many types of diseases. Now ... What if we told you that we all have a psychological immune system? Experts in behavioral and health sciences such as Daniel Gilbert , of Harvard University, tell us that, although, it is important to clarify some aspects. It would rather be a defense mechanisms, appropriate strategies that the human being deploys almost as immune cells in order to

5 traits that define strong personality: do you identify?

Often, strong personality can cause some tension or discomfort. Some people see in this profile someone unable to yield to certain things, someone who, on occasion, is selfish or who only looks-apparently-for their interests and who does not accept visions, proposals or suggestions from others. Nothing is further from reality. It is true that in the matter of personality there are always many nuances when it comes to labeling someone as "purely" introverted , extroverted, dependent, independent, intuitive, etc. However, when we speak of the strong personality, there is something

3 masks with carrot oil that will make your hair grow strong and healthy

Hair, like any other part of the body, needs proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins to stay . In general, it grows approximately one centimeter every month. This growth lies in the nutrients we consume in our diet. The better and healthier your diet is, the stronger your hair will grow. puedes adquirir nutrientes para fortalecer tu cabello con la aplicación de productos naturales con altos contenidos en vitaminas y minerales. Similarly, you can acquire nutrients to strengthen your hair with the application of natural products with high content of vitamins and

7 characteristics of mentally strong people

Mentally strong people know themselves so much that they do not allow others to change them. In addition, they are also those who manage to act intelligently in the face of adversity. We recommend: Take care of yourself to change your life Not everyone is prepared to assume such responsibility in their life. Mentally strong people are resistant to multiple stimuli that will push them, always, in ways they do not want to go. Characteristics of mentally strong people Maybe you are a mentally strong person or,

12 recommendations to have a strong and healthy hair

If there's something we envy about celebrities, it's how they look in any situation. Beyond the editing programs or the tricks with the cameras, the truth is that we would like to have skin, hair or the silhouette of more than one . In this article we will tell you how to have a strong and healthy hair like that of advertising. Tips for a strong and healthy hair Could you thread a strand of your hair through the eye of a needle like a silk thread? And to

8 tips to create strong friendship relationships

fuertes es un tema tan extenso como el amor. Talking about strong is a subject as extensive as love. Both deal with the inevitable need we have to be close to other people and share our life and experiences. The only difference between friendship and love is carnal passion although, on occasion, friendship is even more important. con nuestros amigos podemos crear lazos mucho más sólidos y duraderos que con algunas parejas . This is because with our friends we can create bonds much more solid and lasting than with some couples .

Strong reasons not to reuse plastic bottles

If you are one of those people who usually reuse plastic bottles, take note of these reasons that will prevent you from using these types of objects twice. On the one hand, it is very important that we have the habit of recycling very present , because thanks to this routine we will be able to take better care of the environment. However, what should not be done definitely is to reuse plastic bottles, something that surely many of us have done for a long time. If you want to know why

Natural nutrition for healthy and strong hair

Hair care is very important for some. And, just to see their status, we know if we have good health. In fact, when we have a full and shiny hair we realize that we are healthy. A key factor is nutrition with it grows abundant, bright and without capillary problems such as: fall, dryness and split ends. Therefore, it is imperative to provide the necessary nutrients to regenerate. However, doing it is not an easy task. There are factors that alter their state, such as: the iron, the dryer, chemicals

Do you know why Tibetan monks have strong white teeth?

Tibetan monks are famous for getting away from the material world to immerse themselves in the spiritual world. Buddhists aspire to detach themselves from the desires of the body, because only in this way will they attain inner peace. However, they also ensure the well-being of their physical form , given that it is the home of their most precious asset: the soul. Therefore, it is good that we have this culture as a benchmark for healthy living. By all it is known that these religious move away from the city, do