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Lemon cup cake without sugar

Sometimes it happens to us that we really want to eat something sweet but when opening the fridge there is nothing that satisfies us. We could prepare a cake but it can take a long time. For this reason, we offer you a delicious alternative: lemon cake without sugar. Perfect to take away the craving! Lemon sugar cake recipe with no sugar If you are alone at home and want to enjoy a delicious dessert, if lately you have a weakness for sweet things or you like to innovate in the

7 ways to control high levels of blood sugar

The blood sugar levels of the world population have increased significantly in recent decades, since the consumption of this product in the diet is higher. The market offers a host of sugary foods such as soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, pastries ... There are even foods that contain sugars and you can not even imagine. This is the case of crackers, pasta or packaged products. This type of diet has affected the health of many people and is one of the main causes of diseases such as: Impaired glucose tolerance

5 alternatives to avoid sugar in your diet

Thinking about living without consuming sugar causes restlessness and even bad mood. It is a delicious ingredient and the body asks for it . However, nutrition experts recommend opting for alternatives to avoid sugar in the diet. Avoiding sugar consumption does not mean giving up sweetness . There are recipes that allow people to enjoy delicious desserts and sweets without it supposes to eat sugar. Sugar: why avoid it Research shows that consumption of refined sugar is responsible for several diseases . The most frequent are dental caries,

Benefits of reducing sugar consumption for health

The consumption of sugar is a very popular topic which is not usually given the importance it really deserves. Unfortunately, sweets, ice cream and soft drinks are the foods that form the basis of many people's daily diet. Likewise, almost all fast food contains a high level of refined many complications behind high blood sugar levels. The most recurrent argument is the following: the more sugar is consumed, the greater the chances of developing diabetes. Less sugar, more life Decreasing sugar consumption has mainly three health benefits. We

Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

Finding recipes for healthy sweets and desserts is not an easy task . In addition, the difficulty increases when we want them to be suitable for certain intolerances, since most include flours, sugars and dairy products. In this article we teach you to prepare simple and delicious banana pancakes, suitable for everyone and suitable for people who do not consume gluten, sugar or lactose. Healthy sweets exist Most times we eat sweets we do it with remorse, since we know they are not too healthy. However, no balanced diet

4 body scrubs with sugar to fight dry skin

Do you usually buy expensive exfoliants to combat dry skin? debes saber que esos productos tan exclusivos utilizados en los spas y que te cuestan mucho dinero, realmente suelen ser muy económicos. If so, you should know that these exclusive products used in spas and that cost you a lot of money, really are usually very cheap. Most are based on sugar. An ingredient so economical, but that cleanses, softens and restores the skin. , estos exfoliantes corporales son ideales para empezar. If you are new to creating your own products , these

5 natural juices to regulate blood sugar levels

The pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin, whose function is to regulate blood sugar levels to prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes. This disorder, common in the current population, occurs when insulin levels decrease , there is resistance to it, or both. Its appearance is mainly related to poor diet, obesity and genetic factors. However, it has also been proven to be linked to stress, infections and the consumption of certain medications. In its initial stages it does not manifest itself with blunt symptoms and that explains why

8 tips to eliminate refined sugar from your diet

We know that we must eliminate sugar and therefore more and more products are more light. However, we do not really know the negative effects of this food on our health. In this article you can discover why you should stop eating white sugar today , as well as some simple and practical tips to replace it with healthy alternatives. 1. Know why we should eliminate sugar We recommend you read: The first point to eliminate white sugar from our diet is to know what are the negative

Control high blood sugar levels with these 5 homemade smoothies

High blood sugar levels are a reaction of the body when there is not enough insulin produced , or when there is a resistance to it. The pancreas is the organ that is responsible for secreting this hormone and, although it does so naturally, it sometimes requires external support to counteract some difficulties it presents in its functioning. This can occur due to genetic issues, but also due to bad eating habits, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. The problem is that many people ignore its effects in the organism, mainly because it does

Strawberry and sugar scrub for healthier lips

The skin of the lips is quite delicate and, despite being aware of this, few pay enough attention to their beauty routines. While maintaining healthy is essential to highlight the mouth as a physical attraction, there are those who downplay it until they develop some kind of alteration. And, although it is renewed in a natural way continuously, over time it accumulates dead cells and impurities that can cause them to dry and In fact, since they are exposed to the UV rays of the sun and toxins from the environment, they