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Being an optimist reinforces your immune system

Happiness takes us away from the doctor. That could be the summary of how being an optimist reinforces the immune system . So is. Because, when we allow things to happen that do not affect us negatively, we get sick less and enjoy a healthier life. Find out more in this article. Optimism and defenses Those people who live with a smile on their Being happy does not mean leaving aside problems or not being interested in what happens to us, it is a philosophy of

The immune system

The human body is usually in a constant war due to the interaction with multiple agents. Specifically, the battle is waged between antigens and antibodies, which are microscopic elements that, on the one hand, try to protect the organism, while on the other, they try to spread diseases. In other words, the organism battles against external threats in order to protect itself. The main responsible for acting as a barrier or protective shield is what is known as the immune system. This is composed of a set of cells and organs that

6 tricks to strengthen your nervous system

? Have you ever wondered what you can do to optimize your ? The truth is that most of us ignore it although it is really simple. Here we talk about the habits and tricks that you can apply to strengthen it and make sure it is in good condition for a long time. What does the nervous system really do? See also: The nervous system regulates all the functions of the human body by taking charge of its preparation and execution. capta los

5 keys to develop a strong and dignified PSYCHOLOGICAL immune system

In our space we talk to you very often about how we can take care of our immune system every day to deal with viruses, infections and many types of diseases. Now ... What if we told you that we all have a psychological immune system? Experts in behavioral and health sciences such as Daniel Gilbert , of Harvard University, tell us that, although, it is important to clarify some aspects. It would rather be a defense mechanisms, appropriate strategies that the human being deploys almost as immune cells in order to

Smoothie with avocado to purify your lymphatic system

In our day to day we come into contact with many types of toxins, and it is the lymphatic system that is in charge of keeping us protected against all those harmful agents that make us sick. However, factors such as stress, improper nutrition or following certain types of medications also affect the toxic overload that both the lymphatic system and the liver will have to eliminate . Organs like the thymus, the spleen, or all those small lymph nodes that run through our body are an indispensable part of our immune system.

8 foods to eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system

Our body works continuously to cleanse the blood and remove all those toxins that can affect health. In spite of this, it sometimes presents some difficulties in its main systems and, little by little, a waste accumulation is generated that interferes with its functions. The problem is that at first it does not manifest itself with convincing symptoms and it is difficult to provide a treatment to avoid complications or effects of greater care. As a consequence, the immune system weakens and, in turn, increases the risk of suffering a wide variety

Strengthens your immune system and prevents infections by consuming these 8 foods

The body's immune system is one that is responsible for providing protection against harmful agents , known as antigens, which can cause diseases. These include viruses, bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances that, after invading the tissues, give rise to infections and pathologies. It is composed of lymphoid tissue, which is part of the bone marrow , as well as lymph nodes and parts of the digestive system. These, together, help produce antibodies to inhibit and destroy dangerous agents before they generate complications or irreparable damage. The problem is that

5 herbal remedies that help you stimulate the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping our tissues and cells healthy , through a series of processes that allow them to be free of toxins and pathogens. It consists of a network of ducts through which the lymph circulates, a transparent substance whose composition is similar to that of blood plasma. Among other things, it is essential for the production of white blood cells and, in addition, participates in the control of inflammation and the formation of antibodies. However, as with the entire organism, the accumulation of waste can interfere with

7 problems that you experience due to a weakening of the immune system

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from harmful substances called antigens , which include viruses, bacteria, toxins and all kinds of foreign substances that can compromise health. It is composed of lymphoid tissue, which is part of the bone marrow, lymph nodes, parts of the digestive tract and tonsils. In addition, it is proven that some proteins and blood cells also have to do with their functions in the body. Once it detects any of the types of antigens, our immune system increases the production of proteins called antibodies

5 herbal infusions to detoxify the digestive system

Most foods, some more than others, contain substances such as attack directly to the functioning of the cells removing them energy. One of the most important functions for our body to stay healthy is that of the intestines. For this reason we share below some herbal infusions that facilitate the . They will also help you keep your bowels healthy. 1. Oregano tea It is advisable to take oregano tea after meals as it helps in the digestive processes and relieves . It is