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What to tell a person who is going through a duel

When a person is going through a duel we must be very careful with the words and with the ways in which we are going to address it. It is a sensitive moment, emotions are close to the skin and have a touch, in these moments, it will be essential. Read: 6 tips to overcome grief For this reason, today we will discover some of the things we must tell a person who is going through a duel and, also, those that we must keep quiet. Because, sometimes, in our

The best herbs to sleep through the night

You travel to one side in bed ... then to the other ... and you can not sleep even if you try . When you look at the clock, there is very little time left before the alarm goes off. And you have not glanced all night! You already imagine what the whole day will be like. If this sounds familiar to you then we recommend that you read the following article where we will offer you the best herbs to sleep through the night . Insomnia, more serious than

Early detection of Alzheimer's through speech

The soul of a person is in his memory. Without it, we lose our identity, our ideas and our feelings. For that reason, to suffer an . It seems inconceivable to us to continue breathing or walking without being who we are. Therefore, many scientists devote much of their lives to fight against this phenomenon. Unfortunately, his cure is not close; On the other hand, much progress has been made in early diagnosis . Among these advances, the It is a non-aggressive test. So

5 signs of problems in the body detected through sight

The view is one of the five main senses of the human being . Thus, the eyes are considered as primordial organs for the development of the day to day in the life of each person. While there are cases of In general terms, what is most desired by a person who still possesses his sense of sight intact is to maintain it in the best of possible conditions . However, at present it is something supremely difficult to achieve. First, by the endless artifacts or devices used to

If you are going through a difficult situation, cheer up!

Encouraging yourself when you are going through a difficult situation can be complicated . Emotions do not collaborate and you feel that you are in a deep well that you can not get out of. What can we do in a circumstance like that? The normal thing is that we are wrong for a few days, but this has to be, days, not months. It is natural that we complain, that sadness invades us and that we do not have any desire or strength. However, this has to have an end and

How to know your state of health through the eyes?

In the same way that our health is reflected in the feet, hands or face, the eyes also tell us how our organs work . They are closely related to the liver, but also to other parts of the body. We explain the meaning of some brands, colors and signs of the eyes and also dark circles, eyelids and wrinkles. When the eyes have lost the natural shine This is a reflection of a congested liver and kidneys, where blood does not flow properly. There is an overload of toxins

How to know your health status through the feet?

The feet reflect the state of our organs, and if we learn to look at some details we can help prevent diseases. The temperature, the color, the callosities, the bunions, the shape of the fingers, etc. We explain the meaning of these signals. In general terms, the area of ​​the fingers corresponds to the head, and that of the heel to the feet. Therefore we can see approximately how the organs are located looking at the soles of the feet. When a zone is hardened it means that there is

Nutrition and healing through dried fruits

Pine nuts, nuts, hazelnuts and other nuts are foods that provide energy and also contribute to your body healthy fat . However, the excessive intake of nuts in your diet can be negative, especially if you want to lose weight, because if you abuse, what you will achieve is to gain weight quickly. We invite you to know some of the healing and nutritional properties of these fruits so that you can know how to manage their consumption, that is, how much to eat and how often. So that the nuts are not

How to prevent and treat warts through diet

Are you having warts problems and want to give a help to the corresponding drugs? tratar las verrugas puede ser complicado aunque existen varias opciones. We know that treating warts can be complicated, although there are several options. We recommend you to continue reading if you are already tired of dealing with this problem without success. Remember that feeding is something you can control and it is a simple and economical way to treat warts. What are warts? Warts are the result of the attack of some viruses on your

Discover your state of health through the color of your nails

The are able to show the state of your health, being able in many occasions to indicate a disease, that can be seen through marks, lines and changes of color in the nails. You can discover the health status of a person by the color they show; find out later. CHANGES OF COLOR IN THE NAILS WHITE NAILS Approximately 3/4 of the nails have turned white, and it is probably due to an infection of the nail or to a diminished supply of blood to it; they are known