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6 tricks to detoxify hair

The dyes, the dryer, the iron and many other factors such as heat and smoke are responsible every day to ruin the hair. Therefore it is necessary that you begin to detoxify it, at least once a week , and thus prevent the damage from getting bigger. In addition, with this you will get more hydrated, silky and shiny hair, so it carries out the following recommendations and achieves a radiant hair. 1. Baking soda has a lot of uses and one of them is to detoxify the hair.

12 very useful tricks to do with a processor

The processor is an appliance that was introduced to the market during the 1940s, with a format similar to that of the blender we know today. Since the 70s they began to be produced with a more sophisticated design and, from then on, they became one of the most used accessories in the kitchen. However, despite all the time that has been part of many homes, there are still many people who limit their use to or mix certain ingredients. What few imagine is that it is also quite useful to

10 tricks with which you will not have to wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day may be necessary to keep it clean at all times. However, we have a lot of time left and we do not always have enough availability. In addition, preserving the pH of our scalp also means having adequate hygiene, but something more sporadic. And you have to be careful with this practice because the truth is that the of people who wash their hair every day begin to produce more fat . So if you want to combine health, practicality and hygiene take note of

5 ecological cleaning tricks to get rid of stubborn stains

One of the most difficult tasks when washing our clothes is to remove those sweat stains, dust or food residues that tend to penetrate the tissues. Some disappear with just using a good detergent, while others require additional products to eliminate them in their entirety. While there are many industrial stain removers that facilitate it, we know that these are full of that impact both the environment and health. In addition, these options tend to be too expensive and not everyone has enough money to acquire them when they need it.

8 beauty tricks for pale skinned girls

para chicas de piel pálida? Are you looking for pale skinned girls? Do you always have problems with makeup? Here we will give you some secrets to look beautiful without complications. Although there are seasons in which to look tanned is fashion, you do not have to fight with your skin tone . On the contrary, with the right strategies you will be able to highlight your natural beauty . There really is not a correct, beautiful or perfect skin color. Each one is different, unique and beautiful.

Increase confidence in yourself with these tricks

Do you think you really have confidence in yourself? creer en ti mismo y en tus no es tan sencillo como quisieras . The truth is that believing in yourself and your is not as simple as you would like . You must prepare yourself for the judgments that others make against you and, even more, for those you make about yourself. The good news is that once you develop self-confidence, negative emotions take their fair measure. This means that doubts, fear or shame will appear only when they should and not

Eliminate acne with these tricks

Acne is a polymorphic disorder that becomes visible through various injuries. This disease involves abnormal keratinization (pimple), bacterial growth, hormonal function and immune hypersensitivity. Acne is usually limited to the pilosebaceous follicles of the head and trunk , since the sebaceous glands of these areas are very active. Although we already have comedones, due to the production of sebum, these are filled with lipids and their size grows until they become visible on the skin. The inflammatory response of acne is due to the reaction towards the follicular inhabitant Propionibacterium

6 tricks to improve the appearance of your stretch marks

If there is something unsightly, that is undoubtedly the stretch marks. And it is undoubted that the appearance of our . Fortunately, these brands can be fought to minimize their appearance. For all those who do not know what stretch marks are, it can be said that they are the result of the breaking of the elastic fibers of the skin . When the dermis is stretched, the fibers with less elasticity break and those marks known as stretch marks appear. They are frequent especially in women in

Tricks to improve your posture and avoid chronic pain

Maintaining a good posture not only helps increase confidence. y cintura. It is also essential to avoid chronic pain in some parts of the body such as head, back, and waist. Good body position must be maintained at all times although many have the bad practice of accommodating us in more than one position that is not always correct. When a body posture is appropriate, the benefits are innumerable. In the first place, we managed to align our body and mind healthily . And is that an incorrect

3 homemade tricks to cover gray hair

With almost total security, on occasion we have found a white hair . Perhaps, the first time the surprise reaction was great. However, over the years, it was mitigated and we became accustomed to the presence of gray hair. These are normal in all people , especially in those individuals of or with certain problems in the body. What are gray? In themselves, they are still the strands belonging to the hair. However, they take on a grayish or whitish color. This color occurs as